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What to do in Chile?

With more than 4,300 kilometers from the southern point of Patagonia to the northern border of Peru, Chile has a countless of worthy attractions across a country.

Chile is an astonishing and wild country that has a lot to offer to its visitors. From the deserts in the north to the snowy mountain peaks of Patagonia in the south. Beautiful cities, colorful urban life, and exquisite food and wine and many, many more.

I won't be able to mention it all, but for you to have a glimpse - here is is the list of major things I think worth to visit.

Explore Patagonia and Torres del Paine

Shared with Argentina, Patagonia is one of the most astonishing territories in both countries. It is easy to find Patagonia tours that take care of the entire trip for you.

Either way, it is important that you plan your trip for the summer months. The best time to visit Patagonia is from October to November.

The most famous place in this region is the Torres del Paine National Park. If you are up for hiking - you should note Torres del Paine trek as there are three routes to choose from.

Aside from this, you should also explore its most southern, hidden provinces of Magallanes, Última Esperanza, and Tierra del Fuego.

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The wine regions

Most of Chile’s wine is produced in Santiago region within an hour drive. Throughout the area, many of world-class vineyards offer wine tasting tours.

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Isla Magdalena

if you like penguins, you need to check out the Isla Magdalena, located just off the coast of Punta Arenas. Hundreds of the cute little critters can be seen up close as they wiggle around and cuddle up together.

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San Pedro de Atacama

At a whopping 24 hours bus ride (or a couple of hours flight) from Santiago, there’s San Pedro de Atacama, one of the most wonderful places to visit in Chile.

The tiny village is located at 2400 meters above sea level and has an attractive series of adobe clay buildings, with a nice 17th-century church, a lovely square, and a bunch of good bars and restaurants.

More importantly so, San Pedro de Atacama is a great starting point to explore the rest of the region

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The best time to visit the coastal towns is between March and May.

Valparaíso is one of the street art capitals of South America so, whether you are an art enthusiast, hipster or just curious in the Chilean cultural background, this gorgeous city should be on your list of things to do in Chile.

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Marble Caves

Hidden beneath a peninsula in the charming Lago Carrera General is the spectacular Cuevas de Mármol (Marble Caves). The turquoise waters reflect sunlight onto the roof of the caves, creating a marvelous reflection that is unlike anywhere else on earth.

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Cajon del Maipo

Located on the Western edge of Andes mountains and around two hours southeast of Santiago city this is a truly magnificent canyon.

It is a hikers paradise - offering astonishing mountain scenery, and striking landscapes.

Many locals come here for a weekend escape, and it’s easy to see why. There are multiple activities available in the region, from trekking, horse riding, skiing, and even wine tasting, and its nearness to Santiago makes visiting the canyon easy if you have your transport.

You will also find plenty of organized tours to Cajon del Maipo from Santiago if you do not wish to travel the place on your own.

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Swim or surf in La Serena

La Serena is the perfect place for you. many stunning beaches give you the chance to spend time swimming, surfing or windsurfing. The best period to visit this area is during summer. However, the beaches near La Serena can get packed, so if you want a bit of peace, check out Playa Tongoy and Playa Totoralillo.

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It seems to rain every day on this mystical green island in northern Patagonia. But it worth it as there are plenty of amazing UNESCO churches and interesting boating journeys to make up for it.

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