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My safari in Chobe

When I hear the word safari what comes to mind is a tropical getaway somewhere deep in the African savannah and after visiting Chobe national park I now understand why people always love safaris.

The park is located in northeastern Botswana along the Botswana -Zambia border, and I must say it's a hidden paradise!

User submitted photo of Chobe National Park

Getting there

  • There are many ways of accessing the park. After I arrived in the capital, Gaborone, I boarded another flight to Kasane, the main hub and gateway to the park, from where I was picked by a tour vehicle that I had made prior arrangements for in conjunction with my lodge management.
  • Other tourists choose to '' lodge hop'', literally. Lodge hoping is arriving inside the park by air. Such arrangements can be made at Kasane airport or at sir secrets Khama international airport in Gaborone.
  • For those who travel as a group, it's more convenient to get our minibus and travel there by road.


I packed light as I was only going to Botswana for a few days.

  1. Clothes
  • Temperatures in Chobe fluctuate. It's very hot during the day and the temperature drops drastically as the sun sets.
  • I packed some loose pants, t-shirts, sunglasses, hats, and sundresses. I also brought along 2sweaters just in case the temperature got very low at night. There was no need to pack a lot of clothes as the lodges in the park offer laundry services.
  • The locals like to cover up and I carried clothes that don't show too much skin.
  • While going on a safari we keep the designer clothes and expensive jewels away, so I didn't carry those.
  • I left some space in my suitcase in case I got a few items in Botswana.


  • The African sun is known to be legendary and carrying sunscreen came in handy during my trip, no sunburns for me!
  • I shopped for lotion, hair oil, toothbrushes and some of my feminine hygiene products while in Gaborone. Since the lodges provide most of those items there was no need o acquire them in bulk.
  • I was going to the wild, no need to carry along make-up and a whole brand of skincare products.


  • It's essential to carry your camera.

User submitted photo of Chobe National Park

  • I also brought my phone, headphones, and power bank along.

Moving around

  • It's a MUST to have a tour guide when moving around Chobe as the park is very vast and tourists can easily get lost.
  • The lodge I stayed at had a tour vehicle they used to move their guests around the park.
  • Every morning after enjoying tasty snacks, I would join other tourists and go on a tour of the park. The experience was fantastic! From seeing the big five , to having to hide behind a bush to respond to calls as there are no washrooms deep into the park (I also had to this, it's our little secret viewers ), to have to push the vehicle when it got stuck in the mud (it was my first time to do so).I had fun and learned a lot. Not to mention I also got new pals!
  • The tours end at around noon and after that, we went back to our lodge for lunch and to prepare for the evening programmes.
  • Evenings, my favorite time while at Chobe ......mouthwatering dinner and some jazz music were the highlights of our evenings. After a little chitchat with friends, I would retire to bed.

I had to leave after 5 days. Till next time Chobe!



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On Nov 19, 2018

Super informative ,I really like the Chobe safari .It inspires the spirit of adventure more.

Zotel Mabiria

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On Nov 19, 2018

I like this article ,it is real

Hazel Mwaka Mwazonga

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On Nov 19, 2018

Thank you

Marcus Augustus

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On Nov 18, 2018

I think imma need to spend my vacation there, basically Botswana's another version of Africa, a strong economy no doubt... Chobe here I come

Hazel Mwaka Mwazonga

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On Nov 19, 2018

The place is awesome