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Updated on Aug 28, 2018 Useful Info

Where to store luggage in Cinque Terre

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  • Inside the station, follow the luggage sign when you go out
  • Hour: 8am - 10pm, every day
  • Cost: 3 euros for 12 hours, 2 euros for each consecutive 12 hours afterwards - per piece
  • Note: this service was once closed, but reopened in July 2017


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  • You can leave your luggage in Vernazza Tourist Office at the station
  • Hour: 8am - 7pm (upon request also until 9pm)
  • Cost: 1euro/hour or 10 euros/day - per piece
  • Note: they also offer luggage transportation services. For 3 euros they take your bags to your room or apartment in Vernazza.


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  • There is no storage inside the station
  • You can go out and look for "Lavarapido" at this address: Via Molinelli, 17
  • Hour: 8am - 7pm
  • Cost: 5 euros for 24h

Info source in Italian updated in 2018: BestofCinqueterre