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Tips for travelling to Comoros

Comoros is quite a reserved island and its reservations make it just the destination for visiting. However, before stepping into the country, there are a few things that you should consider .


This is one of the most important piece of information. It is preferable to visit the islands between june and September during the dry season. The wet season the is common from january to may is quite hazardous as you could easily be caught in a tropical cyclone. This is really not a place to be when such a storm hits. Therefore follow the meteorological reports while planning for your trip. Climate change has also played a factor in absurd weather events and therefore always be on the look out.


Comoros is made up of volcanic islands and some of these volcanoes are still active to date. It would be paramount to always be aware of your surroundings the whole time you are in the country as the situation can change in terms of your safety. Hiking is fan but also do not travel alone so far into the islands without a local guide as the conditions can change quickly during your stay in the island.


Some islands such as Mohéli have very few inhabitants and this is quite exciting. However, it can be dangerous as you can easily get lost. This is also an island for nature lovers who want to go at natures pace. There is no strong cell signal in this island except in specific places. And needless to say Wi-Fi can be non-existent. If you just love the beaches and hotels, then such a island is not a place for you.

Swimming and beaches.

It can be very exciting to swim in very expansive beaches. You can also go snorkeling and diving. However, it is advisable to have a guide to show you the appropriate places to swim. Some of the beaches have sharks and more harmful creatures such as jelly fish.

Always heed to the warning of the tour guides.

However, Comoros is a place to be free and enjoy. Enjot the islands, they are a gem.

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