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Updated on Jul 20, 2020 Useful Info

How to get into the city from Córdoba Airport, Argentina

  • Córdoba Airport (COR) is located 12km north of downtown Córdoba. There are numerous ways to get to Córdoba but flying is the most popular transportation method for visitors, most commonly from Buenos Aires

  • There are 3 main ways to get into town from Córdoba airport: taxi, bus, and prearranged airport transfer. There is unfortunately no subway or train connecting the airport to the city. All 3 available transportation options are pretty good, really depending on what your budget is and how convenient you want. Personally I suggest taking the taxi because it's relatively cheap and pretty convenient

Option 1) Taxi:

  • Getting a taxi at Córdoba airport is very easy to do and very safe. I haven't heard of any incidents with tourists that got scammed by any drivers. For convenience, I recommend this option
  • There are two kinds of taxis available at the airport: regular taxis which you can catch immediately outside the terminal building, and remis. Remises are the nicer cars that are more "professional". Both are metered
  • Regular taxis cost about USD$10 per car to downtown. Remises cost about USD$20 per car to downtown. I'm writing the price in US dollars because the peso prices will increase very fast because of the inflation in my country. Our inflation was 50% last year, so whatever peso prices you came across in your research is very likely out-of-date already
  • Payment is by cash pesos, so make sure you have enough pesos on hand. There are currency exchanges and ATMs at the airport you can use. Credit cards are not accepted
  • Travel time by taxi is about 30 minutes to get to the city from the airport
  • To get a regular taxi, simply follow the signs to exit the terminal building after you've claimed your baggage. Then you'll see the taxi queue immediately
  • To get a remis, there is only one remis operator at the airport called Global Remis. You can find their kiosk inside the terminal building (in the arrival hall after you've picked up your bags). The kiosk looks like this:User submitted photo of Cordoba
  • Uber is also available in Córdoba, and a one-way cost to city center from the airport is about USD$5, the cheapest option available. The airport terminal has free wifi you can use to request a car

Option 2) Bus

  • I don't recommend buses to first-time visitors because it can be confusing, but if you don't have a lot of luggage and up for an adventure, you can save some money by taking the bus instead of taxiing
  • There are two buses you can take: the first one is a shuttle bus called AeroBus and this is my recommended one if you decide to take a bus. The second one is a regular city bus, which takes significantly longer but is also much cheaper
  • AeroBus (recommended bus):
  • AeroBus is the shuttle bus running between the airport and main bus terminal in Córdoba, located here. It makes other stops along the way in the city so if your hotel is located close by, you can get off earlier
  • Travel time by AeroBus is 1 hour 15 minutes from the airport to the final stop at the bus terminal
  • Bus fare: the bus itself costs slightly under USD$2 per passenger each way. However, you must buy a reloadable charge card to pay for the fare, and this card costs USD$3, but you can use this card again for your return trip from the city to the airport. Due to inflation the USD prices will be pretty stable but the Peso prices will rapidly increase so you should budget in USD instead of ARS
  • How to buy ticket: to pay for the bus fare, you need to buy a reloadable card called Red Bus card. Cash is not accepted on board. The card can be purchased at the departure level of the terminal (1 floor up from the arrival) at the little convenience shop called Chammas (it's literally just a kiosk not a full store). This is what the card looks like:User submitted photo of CordobaYou cannot use SUBE card you obtained in Buenos Aires for this bus. Again, the card itself costs USD$3, and you can load whatever amount onto it. You can use the Red Bus card for other buses in Córdoba not just AeroBus
  • Where to board the bus: once you have purchased the Red Bus card, go down to the arrivals level again and exit the terminal. Cross to the first island, and then walk right until you get to the bus stop that looks like this:User submitted photo of CordobaIt's very close, the walk will take less than a minute. Wait here for until the bus comes. When you board the bus, you just need to tap your card on the card reader next to the driver. You do not need to tap again when you get off the bus
  • Route: the bus makes a number of stops along the way until it gets to the final stop at the main bus terminal in Córdoba. This map shows you all the stops it makes (you can click on the pin to bring up the name and coordinates of the stops):

  • Schedule: the bus runs every 30-40 minutes from around 5:30AM to 12:30AM (after midnight), daily
  • How to get off: if you want to take the bus all the way to its final stop at the main bus terminal, then you don't need to do anything, the driver will let everyone know it's the final stop. If you want to get off beforehand in the city, you need to request stop by pressing the button located on the handrails, like this:User submitted photo of CordobaRequest the stop when you get are a block away from your intended stop and get ready by the backdoor to get off the bus
  • The bus uses platform 82 at the bus terminal in the city, this is also the platform you need to use if you want to take this bus back to the airport
  • City bus (route 25):
  • I really don't recommend this option because this bus makes tons of stops so takes much longer than AeroBus, you also can only bring a carry-on sized bag onto this bus
  • Travel time is about 2 hours to the city depending on where you want to go
  • Ticket: you will need a Red Bus card to take this bus, just like with AeroBus. So you can look above to see how to get the card (it'll cost you the equivalent of USD$3 for the card, plus whatever amount you put on it). The fare itself is about USD$0.5. You pay by tapping the card on the card reader when boarding the bus
  • Boarding spot: it's the same spot as AeroBus. When you exit the terminal building on the ground floor, walk across the street to the first island and then turn right and walk for to the stop
  • Stops: the bus makes tons of stops. Use this website to take a look

Option 3) Airport Transfer

  • Last but not least, for the ultimate convenience you can book an airport transfer in advance of your arrival, and the driver will meet you at the arrivals area to pick you up
  • This is the most expensive option and the cost varies by the size and type of car you want to get:
  • Standard sedan that seats 3-4 people: USD$30-$40 per car flat rate to anywhere in Córdoba
  • Luxury sedans: ~USD$100 per car flat rate
  • Minivan that seats 8 passengers: ~USD$100 per car flat rate
  • Minibus that seats 15 passengers: USD$120-$140 per car flat rate
  • There are many different websites you can book these transfers on, like Viator, GetYourGuide, Tangol, Argentina4U, etc. On these websites just go to the page for Córdoba and filter for Transportation category and you should see all the available providers