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Updated on Oct 29, 2019 Useful Info

Best ways to get to Coron, Palawan

  • There are 2 ways to get to Coron: by flight or by ferry. The most popular origin to Coron is Manila, followed by Cebu, and Puerto Princesa (the main town on Palawan), and El Nido (on the northern end of Palawan)
  • Flight is the best way to get to Coron from everywhere except for El Nido. But ferry is a lot cheaper but takes a lot longer. So whether you fly or ferry really depends on your budget and timeline. If you're in El Nido, ferry is the way to go
  • How to fly to Coron:
  • The airport that serves Coron is called Busuanga Airport. Its formal name is Francisco B. Reyes Airport and code is USU. It's located here
  • Direct flights are only available from Manila or Cebu to my knowledge. There are many direct daily flights from Manila, leaving between 6am to 2pm. From Cebu there are 2 daily flights to Coron
  • Flight prices:
  • From Manila: $64-$96 USD one way (direct)
  • From Cebu: $42USD each way (direct)
  • From Puerto Princesa: ~$80 USD (connecting)
  • From Boracay: ~$90 USD one way (connecting)
  • Flight duration:
  • From Manila: 40 minutes (direct)
  • From Cebu: 1.5 hours (direct)
  • From Puerto Princesa: 3 hours minimum (connecting)
  • From Boracay: 4.5 hours minimum (connecting)
  • The flights are operated by a number of local low cost and full service airlines including Cebgo (low cost), Skyjet, and Philippines Airlines
  • Where to book: the best way to book is to use a fare aggregator like Skyscanner to make sure you get the best fare across all airlines. Skyscanner seems the most comprehensive one. A lot of other aggregators like Kayak don't seem to show fares from local carriers like Cebgo
  • Getting to Manila airport is best done by taxi. From Coron Airport, you can take a minivan taxi to your hotel or arrange for your hotel to pick you up from the airport. The journey from the airport to the main town where all the hotels are located should be about 40 minutes and the fare is 200 PHP ($4USD)
  • How to take a ferry to Coron:
  • If you're on a tight budget and have a lot of time on your hands, ferry is a great way to get to Coron. Or if you're in El Nido, then ferry is the best way to get to Coron
  • Manila, Puerto Princesa and El Nido are the only two places where you can take ferry to Coron
  • Long distance ferries to Coron (i.e. from Manila and Puerto Princesa) are all operated by 2Go, which is fairly large ferry operator in the Philippines. Their website is, where you can check their current schedule and book tickets. From El Nido, the ferries are operated by Montenegro and Phimal. Their Facebook page is and
  • Departure times and trip duration:
  • From Manila: every Friday only at 7pm, arriving at 6am the following day (11 hours, overnight ferry)
  • From Puerto Princesa: every Sunday only at 7am, arriving at 6pm the same day (11 hours)
  • From El Nido: everyday at 6am (Montenegro), 8:20am (Phimal) and 1pm (Phimal). Travel time is 4 hours
  • Ferry prices:
  • From Manila: each way is 1900 pesos ($37USD) for the cheapest fare sleeping in a bunk on the deck, to 2400 pesos ($47USD) for a bed in a room of 4. There are also a very small number of hotel-room style rooms (called State Room) that go for 2X-3X the price of a room for 4, but they tend to sell out really quickly
  • From Puerto Princesa: each way is 1100 pesos ($22USD) for the cheapest fare to 2000 pesos ($40USD) for a room for 4 to 4200 pesos ($82USD) for a state room
  • From El Nido: 1700-1800 pesos ($33-$35 USD) each way
  • How to book ferry tickets:
  • From Manila and Puerto Princesa, book directly with 2Go on their website:
  • From El Nido, neither Montenegro nor Phimal have their own websites so you can book from 12Go, which is large travel booking portal in Southeast Asia, or just go to the ferry terminal and buy in person. Alternatively you can message Montenegro and Phimal through their Facebook pages and see if they have another way for you to book
  • You will need your passport to book
  • Location of the ferry ports:
  • Manila: Manila North Harbor Pier 4
  • Puerto Princesa: Puerto Princesa Port
  • El Nido: El Nido Ferry Terminal
  • Coron: Coron Port
  • How to get to the ferry ports: in Manila, the best way to get there is by taxi (see my post about getting around Manila). In Puerto Princesa, El Nido, and Coron, the best way to get to and from the port is by tricycle, which is a three-wheel motorized taxi that's the most popular way to get around on the islands in the Philippines. In all these cases they are very cheap and you will be paying at most a few USD to get to and from the ports