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How to board taxis in San Jose- Costa Rica

  • In this city, there are generally two ways of moving around
  1. Buses
  2. Taxis

There are two types of taxis in the city

  1. Official taxis - are painted red for city taxis and orange for airport taxis
  2. Bandit taxis- are known as piratas by locals and they operate under their own rules and not painted in any particular colors
  • Though there haven't been frequent cases of issues with bandit taxis, you're better off sticking with official taxis.

User submitted photo of Costa Rica

User submitted photo of Costa Rica


  • All official taxis use meter system, prices start at 550 colones which is about $1 and increase based on distance and time.
  • Always have colones with you, some drivers may accept dollars but you're better off sticking with official Costa Rica currency.
  • All official taxis can be hailed online.
  • For the city, taxis click here to get one
  • For the airport, taxis click here.
  • All official red taxis are controlled by the city municipality but cases of misconduct among drivers are still quite high especially regarding tampering with meters.
  • Here women sit at the back while men sit at the front, it's the norm and many taxi drivers like it when passengers stick to this arrangement.


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