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How to visit Jaco beach on a budget

  • Jacob beach is known to be a top surfing site and backpacking destination in Costa Rica, though visiting the beach can be quite expensive, here is how to visit the beach without draining your savings.

Budget tips

  • Avoid staying at beach hotels and beach apartments, prices there are very high and could go up to more than $100 per night.
  • Jaco beach is within Gabarito municipality and hotels in town are relatively cheap than those at the beach.
  • Better yet you can stay in San Jose city and commute to Jaco beach that is if you're only visiting for a day; In San Jose, you can find average quality accommodation for about $30 per night.
  • The cheapest way of getting to Jaco from San Jose is by public transport, costs about $30.
  • For food, eat at the market in the municipality, the hygiene standards are good and it is cheap.
  • If you plan on surfing for some number of days, purchase your own surfing board, it is cheaper than renting one.