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Cuba long distance bus guide

  • Short distance bus travel is relatively easy as there are very many local buses connecting to different nearby towns all across Cuba.
  • For long-distance travel, Viazul and Astro are the main bus service providers.


  • Viazul coaches are more luxurious and comfortable than Astro coaches.
  • Unlike Astro, you can easily book Viazul buses online on their website.
  • One thing I like about Viazul is that even if you're late to make your reservation they can give you a ride in a shared taxi for the same price as the bus.
  • The bus offers no refreshments but it stops along the way at restaurants for passengers to get meals.


  • The good thing about Astro is that it has more extensive coverage and goes to areas that are not covered by Viazul.
  • Astro buses are regular coaches with little luxury compared to Viazul, their prices are way lower also.
  • They are more common among Cubans, for foreign tourists securing a spot on these buses is difficult, it's considered illegal btw unless you are heading to an area not covered by Viazul. Some vendors may be simply willing to sell you a ticket, a good mastery of Spanish can also help in getting the vendor to sell you a ticket.
  • Foreign students studying in Cuba can take Astro buses but they must present their student IDs.