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How to extend your Cuban visa

  • The number of days you are allowed to stay in Cuba as well as your visa extension period depends on your nationality.
  • Canadians are usually given a 90 days visa and their visas can be extended by the same period. Other nationalities are given 30-day visas and visa extensions of the same period. You can renew your visa repeatedly. After the first time renewal, however, you'll have to leave Cuba for 3 days then re-enter.
  • Cuban visas arent your normal visas, they are travel cards, you buy one for $25. Extending your visa in Cuba simply means, buy another travel card.
  • Note: In case you renew your visa a few days before it expires you'll lose those days since they won't be carried forward to your new visa. The best thing to do is to renew your visa a day or 2 before it expires. You can renew it earlier but pick your new visa on the day your old visa expires. They start counting your extension days from the day you pick your new visa.

Visa extension Process in Cuba

  • Visit the immigration office in Vedado, Havana, number 17, between J and K street.
  • Note: Dress formally when visiting immigration, they may turn you away in case they feel you are dressed inappropriately. Men dressing code: Shirts and pants that are below your knees. Ladies dressing code: Dress conservatively.
  • What to carry to immigration.
  1. Your passport- photocopy
  2. Original travel card
  3. 25 CUC stamp for the new travel card.
  4. Receipts from the place you've been staying at in Cuba- if you don't have receipts, the address of your accommodation place is enough.
  • Visa extension fees are not paid at immigration. You can pay the fee at any bank in Cuba, you'll be isssued with a stamp which is what you present at immigration. Important: Keep your stamp purchase receipt, they make ask for it since cases of people issuing fake stamps are on the rise.
  • At immigration you'll queue, when it's your turn, all the items above will be collected. They'll bring you another travel card in an hour or so.