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How to get a Cuban Tourist card

  • You first need to understand that a Cuban visa and a Cuban tourist card are two different documents. Most European, South American, North American and some African and the Middle East don't need a visa to travel to Cuba, in most cases a tourist card is just enough.

Types of tourist cards

  • There are two types of tourist cards based on where you depart from to Cuba. The type of tourist card you should have doesn't depend on your nationality but your departure point.
  • If you depart from the US to Cuba you are given a pink tourist card, if departing from any other country your tourist card is green.
  • That means regardless of your nationality you cannot board a flight to Cuba in the US without a pink tourist card and vice-versa.

How to acquire tourist cards.

Online through top Cuban travel agencies.

Purchase Cuban tourist card from airlines.

  • Most Canadian airlines will include the tourist card cost in your flight ticket, they'll give it to you at the airport.
  • For US and Mexican airlines, you have to purchase a tourist card at check-in or boarding gates in case you don't have one.

Tourist card costs

  • tourist cards are sold at different prices at different airlines, prices range between $20- $50.