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Submitted on Nov 05, 2018 Useful Info

How to get wifi in Cuba

Here is the brief from Ciara's original article:

Internet access in Cuba is very restricted and limited:

  • Wifi is restricted to certain areas, for both locals & tourists. There are public wifi-spots around the city - mostly in parks. Hotels & restaurants also offer wifi, but first, you must buy an internet card
  • There is no such thing as Free wifi in Cuba. You must purchase a wifi card to use in public spots. The official card price is $2 an hour, although it may cost up to $5 an hour at tourist spots. Etesca is the country's official internet service provider. If you purchase a card from the Etesca store, it is $2 an hour. If you purchase it from someone on the street, it is likely $3 an hour. Hotels usually charge more
  • You can also buy a internet card off of a local in a public park area or visit a hotel. Best to buy multiple at once to avoid wasting time in long lines.
  • BTW: Hotel Mercure Sevilla only charges $2 an hour. You don't need to stay there to purchase a wifi card.
  • Good to know: You don't need to use the wifi card continually. For example, you can use 30 minutes at one point and then use the remaining 30 minutes later.