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Where to exchange money in Cuba

This is a complete guide to everything you need to know about currency exchange in Cuba.

Airport CADECAs

  • The exchange rate at airport Casas is almost the same as city Casas.
  • The disadvantage of exchanging money at airport Casas: Airport casas tend to be crowded.

Best Currency To Bring To Cuba

  • I would recommend Euros, avoid US dollars. When exchanging US dollars to CUCs or CUPs you are charged a 10% commission. That decreases the value of your money by 10%.
  • Currently, Euros also sell at a higher price in Cuba. In addition to that Euros are commission-free.
  • See Current exchange rates in Cuba from Xe.

Difference between CUCs and CUPs

  • CUCs ( convertible pesos) and CUPs (Cuban pesos/ National pesos) are both used in Cuba though CUCs are more expensive.
  • 1 CUC = 25 CUPs
  • The main difference: The visible main difference between CUC notes and CUP notes is in the artwork. CUCs have monuments while CUPs have famous Cuban leaders.

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