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Where to stay in Cusco

Cusco has 8 million less population than Peru capital - Lima.

Although it has almost double the number of hostels.

Cusco is a historic capital of the Inca Empire. Also, this getaway town to Machu Picchu is listed as the world heritage site by USECO.

Every year millions of travelers visit it. Making the right choice of the hostel is important to make your travel experience unforgettable.


"Ecopacker" is unique among all the others hostels in Cusco.

It is an Eco-friendly lodge with gorgeous back garden. It is built in a big, old Spanish-time house.

The place is wonderful for solo backpackers, who might get an unusual travel buddy company of foreign adventurers.

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Intro Hostel

The best budget hostel in Cusco is Intro Hostel.

Intro Hostel is an excellent budget hostel that offers you all the facilities you could wish for. Free breakfast, free WiFi, free lockers and nightly party activities. They even have their own bar, fireplace, and pool table. And cheap beer too!

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Milhouse is a beautiful Hostel located next to the Cusco main square - Plaza de Armas.

This hostel is quiet and a great place to stay after your Machu Pichu hike.

The staff members are friendly and helpful. Special events, BBQ and mud-oven pizzas are the signatures of Milhouse.

It has well-furnished rooms with private bathrooms and bunk beds, 2 spacious backyards, a games room, an inner patio, and a bar for its guests.

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La Posada del Viajero

La Posada del Viajero is no doubt - the best hostel for couples in Cusco. This hostel has a cozy feel and the private rooms are very beautiful. It has certain rustic authenticity that some may find has romance vibe.

This is a chilled out hostel perfect for couples who want to have a privacy time in Cusco.

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Pisko & Soul

Pisko & Soul is the fanciest Hostel in Cusco.

It has its own magic that attracts backpacker to this place.

Pisko & Soul have large dorms and private rooms for travelers. Breakfast is served for free.

If you are looking for a place to enjoy and relax, Pisko & Soul is a must stay hostel.

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Kokopelli is for bohemian, music and art lovers. They host the best parties in town. The energy and positive vibes at Kokopelli are insane. The unique and artistic paintings on every hostel wall refresh the place and share a happy aura with its visitors.

Staff members are enthusiastic about hospitality. Clean rooms and dorms with bathrooms, Indoor games, garden party. Free breakfast is included. Kokopelli is definitely a smart choice for backpackers traveling to Cusco.

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Wild Rover

Wild Rover is the best spot for the nature traveler.

Hostel offers a private room for solo travelers and dorms for groups at an affordable price. All its rooms have a stunning view of the Andean landscape.

Hostels bar is voted “Best Bar” and “Best Sky View Bar “ in town where you can enjoy open sky view & drinks as well as free tea and coffee all day. The bar is also soundproof to guarantee that the sound of it does not disturb the guests at the hostel.

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Wild Inka hostel

If you’re looking for wild party time in Cusco be sure to book a bed at Inka Wild. It’s the best kick-ass party hostel in Cusco that every party animal backpacker in town knows about.

If you want to try absolutely everything in Cusco can offer -book a bed at the coolest hostel in Cusco

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