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How to experience the Dead Sea

  • The Dead Sea is one-of-a-kind and definitely worth a visit. It's the lowest point on land anywhere in the world, and the water is so salty that you can float on it
  • You can experience the Dead Sea from either the Jordanian side or the Israeli side
  • From the Jordanian side, there's a bunch of resorts here that you can stay in, or you can do day trips from Amman or Madaba
  • From the Israeli side (which is what we did), Ein Bokek is the main resort town on the Dead Sea. It's about 2 and a half hour drive from Jerusalem, so you can also do a day trip here from Jerusalem as well
  • We drove from Jerusalem, which took about 2 and a half hours, most of that time in the West Bank.
  • From Jerusalem just follow highway 1 (going east) and then highway 90 (going south). It was a really straightforward drive and you can't get lost since there's basically no other highways here except for 1 and 90. (Map below)
  • The entire stretch of highway was pretty safe. You need to bring your passport as there are checkpoints along the way where armed Israeli soldiers will ask to see it
  • At Ein Bokek we stayed at the Herods for the night. I think one night (or a day trip) is more than enough if you just want to check out the Dead Sea.
  • Floating in the water is fun but it got boring after an hour or two
  • And it's very hot here (it got to almost 110 degrees during the day, and 86 degrees at night) and I don't think I could really relax in this heat
  • We stayed the night rather than doing a day trip from Jerusalem because we wanted to climb Masada the next morning
  • Things to be aware of:
  • The salt water stings pretty bad if you have even a tiny wound or abrasion on your skin. I didn't even realize I had some small cuts on my left leg until I got into the water
  • Don't get the water in your eye
  • The water is very warm. It felt hotter than my jacuzzi at home. You won't be able to stay in it for more than a few minutes at time. I have no idea how some people are able to read a book in the water

Looking north from Ein Bokek towards the road we came from

View from our room

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