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Hang Tien Cave

Hang Tien Cave Introduction

Hang Tien Cave is the largest dry cave of Tu Lan Cave System in Cao Quang Commune, Tuyen Hoa District, Quang Binh Province. Located about 70 km from Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Headquarter Park to the west, Hang Tien Cave Phong Nha has gained a reputation for many years for its pristine beauty and extraordinary stalactite structure compared to unique terraces.

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Such Hang Tien Cave Tours with the duration from one to two days like Hang Tien Endeavor 2 Days and Hang Tien Cave 1 Day Tour offered by Phong Nha Locals are always the most popular tourist attractions. There is a surrounding area with green mountains and fresh air along with a campsite possessing a poetical landscape that make Hang Tien Cave not only one of the most gorgeous caves in Quang Binh but also a beautiful Hang Tien Cave camping site that has been choosing more and more by tourists.

Hang Tien Cave Discovery

In 1992, some members of the British Caving Association (BCRA) first had a survey around the area of Cao Quang Commune, Minh Hoa District.

In 1994, the group returned for an expedition to study the flow of a river that originates in the limestone mountains. In order to get to that area, they had to go through a difficult and challenging journey. No cave entrance was found at that period of time. Later, after receiving information from the locals about the possibility of another cave in the area, the team expedition finally found Hang Tien Cave with an entrance in 50m width and 100m height. Surveys show that Hang Tien Cave Phong Nha has a total length of about 2.5km with the exit is a primeval forest.

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In 2013, Hang Tien Cave Adventure has been putting into trial operation by Phong Nha Locals and were officially opened in 2017 with the itinerary from 1 to 2 days.

Hang En Tien Geology and Size

As being the largest dry cave of Tu Lan cave system, Hang Tien Cave 2 has a length of up to 3km and a depth of up to 100m. In summer, Hang Tien Cave Phong Nha is a dry cave. Only in rainy season, all water from the rivers pour in that creates a large underground river appearing right inside the cave. When the water recedes, natural lakes will be formed. At the same time, stalactites will be made which are compared to such unique terraces. The water seeping from the outside of the limestone mountains has also contributed significantly to the formation of Hang Tien Cave that has created impressive swirls on the dome for a long period of time.

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Cave experts have researched and evaluated that the size of these strange stalactites only deposited about 1cm within 10 thousand years. Being rated as one of most beautiful caves in Quang Binh, the image of Hang Tien Cave Phong Nha is always associated with wide and spectacular frames, depicting the majestic beauty of the largest cave in this area.

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In addition, floristic composition in Hang Tien Cave is also very unique: the rays of sunlight entering the cave along with high humidity have become a rich source of life for countless moss and fungi. It has created a plentiful and different ecosystem of Hang Tien Cave Phong Nha while comparing to other caves. They grow quickly and cling to such stalactites being formed for a long time that created impressive green stalagmites.

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