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How to Spend 7 Days in Dubai



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A Week In Dubai

It is well known that Dubai is a modern city filled with culture, diversity, and buildings that don’t exist anywhere else in the world! Spend a week in Dubai with your family exploring the city and taking in all the beautiful sights and sounds. Below is a week in Dubai itinerary for you and your kids.

Day 1 – Kidzania Dubai

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Kidzania Dubai is a spectacular city designed just for kids. It is an interactive city that provides children with a variety of options for entertainment and education. You can be sure to have an unforgettable time with your family on this 7000m2 piece of land. And there is no shortage of things to do, as there are over 60 different activities for your children to participate in.

What makes Kidzania Dubai so special you may ask? Each activity has a central theme allowing your child to role-play different professions. If your child is interested in becoming a doctor, for example, they will be able to learn about surgery and how to have good bedside manners. Are they interested in being a part of the media? They will have a chance to learn what it takes to produce a radio show or report the news. Children will also have to opportunity to learn basic life skills like how to use public transportation and how to manage money.

Day 2 – Dubai Marina Walk

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You can’t spend a week in Dubai exploring and not make your way to the Dubai Marina. One of the best places to visit in Dubai is this one of a kind waterfront that is the Dubai Marina. It is known for being one of the first and largest of its kind, as it is completely man-made. Built on Dubai’s shoreline, it runs 3 kilometers long. Take a walk on this beautiful strip while enjoying a stunningwater fountain. The kids can even splash around and play in the water while they cool off from the heat. After the fun in the water, you can walk down the waterfront and choose from the many delicious places to eat while enjoying the views. There are also other main attractions to enjoy such as the Dubai Marina Yacht Club and Skydive Dubai.

Day 3 – The Palm

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The Palm Dubai is another beautiful place to visit on your week in Dubai. It is the largest man-made island in the world. Discover the world-class style and elegance in the hotels and resorts that encompass the islands. Dine in some of the most prestigious restaurants around. Take your kids to the Jumeirah Boardwalk for an extra treat. This boardwalk is built over the rocks of the Palm’s breakwater. It stretches for 11 kilometers and has a variety of different places to eat including food trucks and refreshment stands. Take a family walk along the majestic backdrop of the water. You can also purchase some memorable items from the different souvenir vendors.

Day 4 – Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

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Located inside the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo are next on the list of a week in Dubai itinerary.What better and more exciting way to spend time with your family than inside the world’s largest indoor aquarium! You can find over 200 species of marine life swimming around. Walk around and admire the diverse collection of fish, sharks, and rays. Learn about the fascinating lives of sea horses, jellyfish, penguins, and crocodiles. Schedule a “behind the scenes” tour where your kids can actually get the chance to ask animal experts about how they look after the animals and what they need each day. Looking for more of a thrill? You can sign up to dive with the sharks, experience cage snorkeling, and other underwater activities.

Day 5 –Lahbab Desert Safari

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Of the many Dubai kids activities you can enjoy as a family, this desert safari is quite unique. You can choose from a morning, evening or overnight safari experience. You will be transported from Dubai to the beautiful Lahbab part of the Arabian Desert.

The adventure begins with dune bashing in a 4x4. Then you can either take a camel ride or a horse ride around the sandbanks followed by the fun of surfing the dunes while sand boarding. The kids can enjoy the henna art and even get henna tattoos of their very own. You’ll also be able to enjoy live shows including belly dancing, Tanoura show, and other cultural exhibitions. End your day with a delicious BBQ and a local cuisine buffet.

Day 6 –Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood

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There are little things as special as learning the history of a place you live or a place that you happen to be visiting. Al Fahidi Historical District is on of the oldest neighborhoods in the city and it still retains a lot of its culture and heritage. You can walk around and take a tour while discovering the many traditions that fill the wind towers and alleyways along the way. You can also visit the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding for heritage tours and guided mosque visits to gain an appreciation for the local culture and all that it entails.

Day 7 –Adventureland

Spend the day inside Adventureland, one of the UAE’s leading indoor amusement parks. You will find rides, games, and variety of activities to engage in catering to all ages. The whole family will be able to find something to enjoy! A special feature of this amusement park is that it has a soft play facility for the little ones to enjoy as well.Take a ride on the Air Racer, where you will be flipped and turned upside down while you fly through the air. Try our the Power Wheel, where you will be suspended 9 meters in the air, and then rotated all the way around to experience a thrill like never before. Or you can try something geared more for the whole family such as bumper cars, a forest train, or rock climbing.

Whether you are looking to take your family on an excursion through the desert, spend a day at an amusement park, or teach your kids about the history of Dubai, this week long Dubai itinerary will be your guide.