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What you can do in Dubai amidst COVID-19

The start of 2020’s global pandemic halted all the world’s top tourist destinations. Everything came to a stop, and the Arabian city of Dubai was also frozen in time. However, in 2021, even though the pandemic is not completely over yet, Dubai has resurfaced into life as a tourist spot. Tourism has started again in the city under the careful following of precautionary measures.

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This is great news for all the travel enthusiasts around the world who had put a stop to their plans to visit this Arabian peninsula. As long as you keep hand sanitizers with you, wear face masks, avoid any unnecessary contact with other people, and keep a regular check on your health, you can enjoy a number of activities in Dubai in order to make sure that the pandemic does not stop you from making your trip enjoyable and memorable.

Dining Out

Most of the restaurants have resumed their operations throughout the city. All of them follow strict guidelines to prevent the virus from spreading. They have reduced the capacity as well. Though you can still make reservations in order to avoid any mishappenings. This gives you a chance to enjoy authentic Arabian cuisines in the city.


Dubai offers many serene landscapes for you to enjoy. Riding a bicycle through the urban streets while witnessing these landscapes can be one of the most enjoyable experiences that you can get out of your hotel room or house. The city has plenty of bicycle lanes ensuring you complete peace of mind and safety. Moreover, this activity will also improve your health along with its fun aspect.

Desert Safari Trip

Desert Safari remains Dubai’s topmost attraction even during the pandemic of COVID-19. You can embark on this adventure towards conquering the sandy dunes of Dubai’s mesmerizing deserts. It is going to be a memorable experience featuring exciting activities such as dune bashing and quad biking. For an even more adventure-filled experience, you can spend a night in camps erected in the desert by opting for overnight desert safari package.


Dubai is well-known for its amazing and lustrous shopping centers. At the start of the pandemic, many of the worlds’ largest malls in Dubai were closed down. However, they too have now reopened. But, make sure to follow every SOP so that you can the shopping experience in the emirate.

Beaches and Parks

Like other tourism activities, you can now head to the beaches in Dubai again and enjoy water-activities. This means that you can use them as a perfect getaway from all the stress. There are many beaches that you can visit as well while following strict guidelines. Even the water parks are now operational while performing regular deep cleaning and repeated water quality testing. Moreover, you can also visit two of the top aquariums of Dubai and explore the majestic marine life and the underwater world.

Visiting Burj Khalifa

The tallest building in the world is also one of the attractions that have reopened in Dubai. The site is home to an exceptional dancing fountain show for the tourists who can enjoy the breathtaking view of this gigantic structure surrounded by colorful water fountains.


The doors to travel to ancient times have been reopened as well. The Dubai Museum is the oldest building in the entire country, offering a rich look at the desert country’s lifestyle, traditions, and culture.

Final Verdict

In all, the grand destination of tourists - the city of Dubai has been slowly coming back to life. Many of the city’s attractions are fully functioning once again with strict regulation of the rules and regulations to prevent the virus from spreading. You can enjoy all of the above-mentioned activities and many more. Until the restrictions are completely lifted, make sure to follow the rules to keep yourself and others safe.