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What are the best beaches in Ecuador?

Ecuador is a country with a diverse landscape. While there are plenty of places to visit inland, Ecuador is also known as a hot destination for its beaches.

Some excellent sandy beaches offer remote and quiet time while others are buzzing with excellent nightlife and glamourous towns.

Whether you search for the beach for hitting the waves, relaxing and socializing with friends or just to get a little peace, there are plenty of beaches you can choose from.


Salinas is the largest beach resort district in Ecuador and the westernmost city on the mainland.

With many restaurants, shops, a marina, and infinite sand beaches, it's easy to see why beachgoers crowd here. If you want to surf or just relax in the sand, aim for family-friendly Chippe Beach.

It is located about 144 kilometers from the José Joaquín de Olmeda International Airport and the city of Guayaquil.

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Puerto Cayo

This laid-back beach town is the perfect spot if you want to escape and connect with nature and wildlife. There is so much more to do here than lazing on the beach sand. You can go whale watching, fishing, surfing, or even take a short trip inland to enjoy a farm and jungle tour.

This beach paradise is strengthened by mountains, which gives it an isolated feel. The town is small and friendly but very friendly, as closer than 50 kilometers from the airport and the city of Guayaquil.

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Along with excellent beaches, Montanita has a huge community of experienced surfers.

But if you’re a beginner, you better go check Puerto Cayo or Mompiche.

The small city of Montañita has grown from a tiny surfing resort and fishing village to a popular backpacker destination.

Like all of Ecuador's coast, the main tourist season here is between December and May when guests can enjoy slightly cooler temperatures and the waves offer better surfing conditions.

The town has also developed a relaxed and open-minded culture and is one of the few beaches in the country where women sunbathe topless. Town also have lively nightlife with a variety of beach bars and nightclubs that are especially busy during the high season.

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Puerto Lopez

Puerto Lopez is a small fishing village on the Pacific Coast that has developed into a beach resort popular with locals and tourists. The town makes efforts to be eco-friendly and has many eco-hotels.

The superb beach is perfect for swimming or just relaxing.

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Los Frailes

Very close to the north of the beach resort of Puerto Lopez lies the marvelous Los Frailes beach. It is one of the most iconic and magnificent beaches in the country.

The beach is located in the coastal part of Machalilla National Park, which is home to monkeys as well as more than two hundred different bird species. The golden sands and clear blue waters - no doubt why it is one of the most peaceful and relaxing Ecuador beaches.

As it is a part of the national park it doesn't have any fixed facilities, so you will need to take a towel, drinks, or snacks with you when traveling to this beach.

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Tortuga Bay (Galapagos)

Tortuga Bay offers a sandy spot for exploring the many marine iguanas. Turtle nesting season is a thrilling time to visit, although beach access can be limited then. Turquoise waters and the variety of wildlife viewing make this bay one of the most popular in the Galapagos

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If you are looking for a party, nightlife, and tons of activities, a visit to Atacames Beach should be on your must list.

About 50 kilometers from Esmeralda's town and about a five-hour drive from the capital city, this busy beach town entertains many tourists from all over the world.

Many residents are Afro-Ecuadorian, so it gives the town a Caribbean vibe.

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Canoa Beach

This remote stretch of golden sandy beaches in Canoa is perfect for a relaxing holiday.

Facing the beach, you will discover tiny guesthouses.

Head to the Rio Muchacho sustainable farm to learn about agriculture in the region or take a horse ride. The waves aren't as challenging as Montanita Beach, so the bigginers can face the waters and take surfing lessons at the Canoa Surf Academy.

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Playa Santa Marianita (Playa Bonita)

Playa Santa Marianita is a top destination for kitesurfing. The very wide and almost 5 km long beach is perfect for beginners.

The community of Santa Marianita is located south of San Mateo, a local fishing port.

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