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Diving In The Red Sea In Egypt

The Red Sea in Egypt was included in my bucketlist because it absolutely famous. I have always wondered why it becomes red and what is making it red. Also, it is one of the 7 Wonders of The Underworld. So, i booked a diving course under Emperor, stayed at a guesthouse somewhere in Dahab and went there around April. Spring season is a good time for diving.

There I learned that algal blooms are the ones responsible for the change of the color of the water in the Red Sea. Also, the underwater world of the Red Sea was so stunning! There was a lot of beautifully colored fish of different shapes and sizes. There are also tons of varieties of sea plants that sways along the current of the sea.

It can get hot during the day so i never leave my sunscreen and sunglasses behind. So far, during my trip i have mostly encountered friendly people who helped me with directions. I was also advised not to drink tap water, food that you are not sure how it was prepared and to wander late at night.