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How to cruise the Nile

Most Nile cruise companies are at Luxor though other towns that are located along the river have such services too, the locals recommend Aswan and Luxor for Nile trips.User submitted photo of Egypt

Types of cruise

There are two cruise options available

  1. Fellucas- traditional Egyptian ships.
  2. Modern cruise ships.


  • There is no luxury on these ships, they just have basic amenities such as washrooms.
  • For most Felluca ships you have to carry your own sleeping bag and food.
  • The advantage of boarding the felluca ships is that they are budget friendly and the experience is authentic; you get to see how ancient Egyptians used to sail along the river with these steam and wind-powered vessels.

Modern cruise ships

  • These are ideal for travelers who are seeking luxury travel, they are well equipped with modern facilities, such as swimming pools (which are very important for cooling down at lunch hours when the temperatures are very high).
  • However, they are very expensive and usually face dock traffic at the harbor during evening hours when many vessels are going to dock.
  • Fellucas have the advantage of being smaller in size and hence can dock at any appropriate place.