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Submitted on Sep 05, 2020 Useful Info

How to get tourist VAT refunds in Egypt

Generally, goods meant for export in Egypt are tax-free. Tourists can file for tax refunds under the following conditions:

  1. They are neither Egyptian citizens nor permanent residents.
  2. They made purchases worth more EGP 1500 on one bill.
  3. Goods bought were exported out of Egypt. It doesn't matter if they are part of your luggage or you exported them out of Egypt using other means.

Process of filing for Refunds.

  • The VAT refund system in Egypt is not elaborate yet, it's just been officially introduced in 2020.
  • There are no official VAT refund offices at airports and other points of exit. Most tourists don't apply for refunds yet because of how hectic the process is:
  • The first step is to submit your refund application to the Egyptian tax authority You'll require the following documents when submitting your application
  1. Evidence of purchase.
  2. Evidence of payment of tax.
  3. A tax identification number.
  4. Diplomatic identification number of the claimant.
  5. Any other relevant documents.
  • Submit your VAT application within 2 months after exporting goods. You can only submit one refund application every month.
  • The system will automatically send you an email once the refund is approved or rejected. Refund processing takes up to 45 days.