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Tourist security in Egypt.

  • In the recent past, the political and religious scene has been tensed but tourist areas are still heavily secured.
  • For most routes, there are several checkpoints and after passing one point, the police ask where you're headed to and they'll call to confirm if you made it past the next checkpoint on that route.
  • You may also be escorted by the police when headed to certain areas.
  • In the pyramids of Giza, for instance, the police usually patrol on camelbacks.
  • Something else to watch out for in Egypt is scams, especially people who will come to you speaking fluent European or Far East languages and offer to take you around only to overcharge you.
  • Frequently traders will approach you asking you to buy their goods, decline politely by just saying shukran and go your way.
  • Pickpockets are relatively common especially in busy areas such as greater Cairo but violent crimes occur rarely.