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Types of scams in Egypt

Egypt is a very welcoming country but just like any country tourists are exposed to scams and if not careful you might loose some of your money while there.

Hiked prices scam.

  • In most of the village markets, the vendors tend to hike the prices when they are selling to a tourist.
  • Bargaining is a part of the culture hence you should bargain.
  • This also reduces the pressure on other tourists who come after you.

Fake sob story scam.

  • Some local scums tend to approach you with a sob story of their poverty.
  • These stories can be so compelling that you tend to believe them.
  • Ensure not to be swayed as these people are professional con-artists.
  • If the condition of the country troubles you remember that there are charities where you can donate to.

Beach scams.

  • While at the beach such as the Mediterranean sea or red sea, some scums still you items when you go swimming.
  • They tend to grab your stuff when you go out for a swim.
  • If you are alone, ensure that you leave your valuables in your hotel.
  • If you are a group, take turns as you go swimming so that someone looks after your stuff always.

Fake tour guides.

  • Some people approach you as tour guides and offer to take you around major cities.
  • These people often have incredibly low prices that can be quite enticing.
  • Remember that if you allow them to take you round, you might be walking in a trap and they might eventually rob you.

If you are alone, you can book a tour guide from the hotel or have one from a travel agency since they are quite authentic.

Fake taxi operators.

  • These just like fake tour guides often get you at the airport.
  • They offer cheap transport offers and some go as far as offering to give you a tour and then offer more cash.
  • While in such a situation be bold and refuse to pay for services you did not ask for.
  • You can also ask some locals for help as some of them are really welcoming.

Fake cashiers and bartenders.

  • When in some local shops and bars, the tenders can try to trick you by saying that you did not pay the full amount.
  • This happens when you give them cash, they drop the cash and then say you did not pay the full amount.
  • Some of them go as far as having accomplices.
  • Ensure that when paying, you double check the cash you are handing out.
  • You can also opt to pay via card which is better than cash.

Fake police.

  • Though rare, fake police exist in Egypt.
  • These characters approach you and ask to see your credentials.
  • When you suspect that they are fake ask them firmly but not rudely to back off and try calling the local station to confirm there legitimacy.


  • This is one of the most common types of scams.
  • It can occur to literally anyone.
  • To prevent being a victim, avoid carrying your valuables with you.
  • Also carry a copy of your passport not the original one.

Having put a caution in your mind, have no doubt that Egypt is a country with many wonders, make sure to enjoy them all.