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Getting around Eritrea.

Eritrea is a country that borders the Red Sea and has several transport systems that operate in the country that include:

  1. Railway.
  2. Road
  3. Sea.

Sea transport.

  • There are those that are lovers of sailing which is something that can be done when in Eritrea.
  • There are boats and yachts for hire in every port and can also be found in Asmara.
  • Remember to always have a guide when you go sailing and you should not wander far into the sea as there is always a risk of piracy.
  • The local sailors and tour guides will be able to help you with this.

Road transport.

  • This is of course the most common means of transport around the country.
  • There are three types of roads that are in Eritrea and are classifies as primary(P), secondary(S) and tertiary(T).
  • The tertiary roads are the worst of the roads as they are just murrum roads that join several villages and small towns.
  • Secndary roads get only one layer of asphalt on them. Some are in poor conditions due to lack of mainatanance.
  • Primary roads are found in the major towns such as Asmara.
  • When in Asmara, you could opt for public transport which is surprisingly cheap.
  • However, the buses do not necessarily move on schedule and so you have to be vigilant as to which bus you get onto and where it is heading.
  • You could also hop into a taxi, but some of them just operate like the buses. They carry you with other passengers and drop you along a pre-planned route.
  • You could pay a bit more for the luxury of privacy.
  • There are som parts along the border with Ethiopia that have seen a spike in criminal activity so be careful in these areas.

Rail transport.

  • The major railway line is the one that connects Asmara to Addis Ababa.
  • To travel within the country, railways transport is not well advanced.