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Updated on May 01, 2018 Useful Info

Best way to get from Beijing to Fenghuang

  • Quickest and easiest (and cheapest) way to get to Fenghuang from Beijing is by flight, which was how I got there
  • Fenghuang is served by the Tongren-Fenghuang airport (airport code TEN), which is about 50 minutes and 150 yuan ($25) away by taxi from the old town. There's a bus option as well but I don't recommend it because you have to take a taxi to the bus terminal, and then board the bus to Fenghuang (and the bus only leaves after it's full). So lots of hassle especially with a lot of luggages
  • The cost of the flight isn't the cheapest in China and varies a lot by time of year. Return flight from Beijing can be as low as 1500 yuan ($200) to 4000 yuan ($550). Use to look up prices
  • If you don't want to fly, your only other option is to take the train. From Beijing it will take about 8 hours, and you'll need to transfer in Changsha, Guizhou, or Huaihua. I don't recommend taking the train, because:
  • Slow
  • You need to transfer with all your luggage
  • Actually more expensive than flights
  • Train station is actually farther away from Fenghuang than the airport