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The Best Way to Exchange Foreign Currency in Fiji

  • Planning your trip to the beautiful Islands of Fiji requires you to exchange your foreign currency to the local Fijian Currency, the Fijian Dollar.
  • While there's always an option of using your Credit and Debit Cards on your accomodations expenses, having some few Fijian Dollars is necessary if you are to venture deep into the Island.

The process of exchanging foreign currency to Fijian Dollars

Step 1

  • Before your trip, make sure you order Fijian Dollars from your bank.
  • Ordering is necessary as many International banks don't usually have foreign currency readily available.
  • The amount you give is returned in Fijian Dollars at your bank's exchange rates.
  • Make prior arrangements before the date of travel as this process might take up to 3 working days.

Step 2

  • When you arrive at the Nadi International Airport in Fiji, make sure you exchange the money.
  • It is important to exchange money here as Nadi International Airport is the main Airport in Fiji and that's where most planes land.

Step 3

  • Head to a local Fiji Bank to exchange your money.
  • I recommend using this viable option as they have the best rates compared to those at the airport and the hotels.
  • The banks with most agents and branches across the island include the following:
  1. BSP
  2. Westpac

The best places to exchange money

Currency Exchange Booths

  • There are many exchange stations across the island but those found in international airport terminals tend to have high rates.
  • On the contrary, they tend to be the most viable option when you've forgotten to make prior exchange and you are at the airport.

Foreign banks

  • The large banks in the metropolitan area are another viable option if you want either the Fijian or US Dollars.


  • Some high end restaurants and hotels offer currency exchange at the front desk.

Foreign ATM

  • They are present across the Island and offer currency exchange services at subsidized rates.