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Submitted on Jun 17, 2019 Useful Info

How to visit Florianopolis

  • Florianopolis is the capital of the state of Santa Catarina Island in Brazil and has some of the best beaches in Brazil.

Getting there

  • Hercilio Luz international airport is the most common entry point into the city.
  • Domestic flights to Florianopolis are available all across Brazil. It's easier if you are in Rio. The flight takes one hour. Avianca and Gol run flights from Rio to Florianopolis frequently.

Moving around

  • Buses are the most common means of transport here. There is a bus line known as Linha executivas that goes directly to town from the main beaches. This bus charges $2 which is double the amount that regular buses charge.
  • With regular buses, you may have to connect a number of times to get to some beaches. They charge $90c.
  • Taxis are also a good alternative while here. There are no ubers but Florianopolis is served by easy taxi ( taxi app for all Brazilian cities.) Rental cars and scooters are also available.


  • Like all Brazilian cities, Portuguese is the native language.

Best beaches in Florianopolis

  1. Joaquina beach - This is probably the most popular beach.s
  2. Mole beach - This beach is a favorite for young people and famous surfers
  3. Campeche beach- The Campeche island is located just across this beach and you can see it from the beach.
  4. Lagoinha de Leste- The only way to access this beach is by hiking to the beach or taking a boat.