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Updated on Jun 20, 2018 Useful Info

How to get from Frankfurt Main Airport (FFM / Frankfurt-Flughafen) to Frankfurt Central Railway Station (Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof)

*Mind this is the MAIN airport in Frankfurt (FFM - Flughafen Frankfurt am Main) , not Frankfurt-Hahn Airport.*

There are 3 options to get from FFM to the city you have 3 options. The Best is Train as it's convenient and cheap. A taxi would have cost you more than EUR50, and buses are just about the same cost as train but twice the time and quite complex to get to.

#1 Train:

  • Most recommended as it's fast, convenient, and cheap
  • The station is a quick walk inside Terminal 1, runs every 15min. If you are in Terminal 2, there are free shuttles to get to T1.
  • The S-bahn S8 / S9 will take you directly from the airport to the Hpf in about 11 min- 3 stops
  • Tickets are EUR4,90 one way, you can buy tickets at :
  • Vending machines (I remember having issue with credit card, so better prepare small cash bills (max EUR20 bills) or coins just in case)
  • Download the official RMV app and pay with credit cards - it's a handy app to have if you are staying in Frankfurt for a few days (What I always used)
  • Reisezentrum ticket office (Terminal 1, Floor 0, Hall B)
  • The first train to the airport departs Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof at 04:17, the last at 00:47
  • The first train to Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof departs the airport station at 04:32, the last at 01:32
  • It's a quick walk into the train station from the S-bahn stop
  • Easy access even if you have a lot of luggage, no struggle

#2 Taxi

  • 15min taxi ride
  • should cost about EUR30-40
  • get them at taxi stand or use MyTaxi app, sometimes they have promos

#3 Bus

  • AVOID: There is no direct bus to the train station, you will have to transfer
  • bus stops can be found both at T1 and T2, some requires a little walk, just ask people
  • tickets can be bought at ticket vending machines near the stops or with the driver before boarding
  • all bus lines to and from the airport