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Submitted on Mar 01, 2021 Useful Info

Getting around in Libreville, Gabon


  • One can get to Libreville by plane with Turkish planes that come directly from Istanbul, Air France, Ethiopian airlines, Gabon Airlines and Air Gabon International.
  • There are also dirct flights from Johannesburg, South Africa provided by SAA.
  • For those coming from Europe or Americas, you can save a few euros by flying with Royal Air Maroc which often has a stopover at Casablanca in Morocco.
  • The waiting time can be as long as 8 hours.


Most countries in Europe and the Americas can have their citizens apply for a visa at the airport.

However, it is safe to confirm with the embassy website if that applies to you.

If not, you will be rquired to appy for your visa before hand to avoid the risk of deportation.

Getting around.

  • The current exchange rate for the local currency is 1.5 euros = 1000 FCFA and 10000 FCFA = 15 euros.
  • The common means of transport and also the most convenient is by use of a taxi.
  • Prices usually double after 9PM or 2100Hrs.
  • For example, getting to a hotel in Libreville from the airport is 2000FCFA however after 9PM, the price will be 4000FCFA.
  • For slightly longer distances, minibuses are available.
  • Some of the taxis may not be very secure such as broken windows and lack of safety belts.
  • Ensure to ask the driver to drive carefully and they have to oblige to your request.
  • There is also the option of having a rental car so that you drive yourself to the destination sites you would wish to visit.
  • However, you cannot be allowed to leave the town with a rented car.
  • Avis is a car rental company where you can get yourself a car. However, it can be quite expensive.
  • Gabon has siesta hours which include 1200Hrs to 1500hrs in which most businesses are closed.
  • In your tours, it is important to remember this as getting things done during siesta hours is very hard.