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Mobile Operators in Gabon

  • Visiting Gabon can be such a pleasant experience. You could opt to use the local service providers while you are in the country.
  • This is particularly cost efficient because you do not incur roaming charges while using the local networks.
  • Gabon has local network providers that cover extends to large parts of the country and also some mobile providers provide internet up to 4G speeds which is quite advantageous.

There are several network and internet providers in Gabon such as:

  1. Gabon Telecom(Maroc Telecom,Libertis)
  2. Bharti Airtel (Zain)
  3. Moov (Telecel Gabon)
  4. Bintel (USAN, Azur)
  5. Internet Gabon
  6. solsi
  7. IBN Corprate.

MOOV (Telecel Gabon)

  • You can purchase a MOOV sim card across major supermarkets and at the airport too.
  • The sim cards can work across both android and apple devices so you do not have to worry about compatibility.
  • It is important to note Gabon uses the Central African frank (FCFA) so it is important you check the exchange rate before traveling.
  • MOOV provides internet access up to 4G speeds.
  • Internet bundles and data packages range from an hours package to monthy bundle packages to suit your data usage type.
  • For 89.97 FCFA you get 500Mbs between midnight and 6 AM and for 4422.46 FCFA you get 2GB for 30 days.

Gabon Telecom

  • This is a different network operator.and just like MOOV you can buy the SIM cards at the aiport or Major supermarets.
  • In addition to that, there are the shops and authorized dealers in which you can get the SIM cards.
  • Do not accept from unauthorized dealers.
  • As for Gabon Telecom, you can purchase a data bundle by dialing *222# or visit their website.
  • They also provide data up to 4G speeds.
  • You can pay 40 FCFA to get 40mbs that are valid for a day. They recently intoduced a new monthy package where you pay 30000 FCFA to fet 25GB valid for 30 days.