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What to have before going for Gorilla tracking in Gabon.

  • Gabon is well endowed with the equatorial rain forest and gorillas can be found in plenty.
  • There are several places in Gabon where one can plan to go for gorilla tracking such as: Akanda National park, Loango and Lope national park.
  • The Gorillas are in their natural habitat which is very pleasing to see.


  • For many European and the USA, yo can simply apply for a visa at the airport in Libreville city.
  • However, it is prudent to check with the embassy about the visa situation to prevent the risk of being turned back or worse off, face deportation.
  • You can also check their embassy website specific for your country.


  • Some of the national parks are found within Libreville city, however for others you have to travel a distance.
  • For the national parks such as Akanda national park found near the city, road transport is the most common mode of transport. You can hail an uber or simply hop onto a taxi and be driven.
  • For National parks such as Loango which are a distance away, you can go via road which is the best mode of transport.
  • There are car hiring services where you can acquire a personal car and have a road trip or you can book a bu.


  • Gabon is a hot and humid place.
  • January is the hottest month with an average high temperature of 31 degrees celcius and an average low of 23 degrees celcius.
  • March and April are also very hot months and the cooler months are between June and August.
  • Because of the equatorial climate, it is also a very moist place and an umbrella goes without saying should be part of the clad as it might pour anytime.
  • Bug spray is essential as during the gorilla tracking, one may encounter numerous bugs and some are disease vectors, therefore caution is highly recommended.