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Great Wall Hiking: Who's the Best Guide?

Great Wall Hiking Tours Reviews: The Great Wall Adventure Club

My sister's family had a tour to China last September. They first went to Shanghai and took the bullet train to Beijing, which was only five hours! Then we went ahead for a Great Wall hiking, the first thing you want to do in Beijing.

This was a truly amazing experience and it was made even better that out tour was very personal and private. Our train arrived a bit late but our guide, Luis, was very patient with us. He arranged our tour to the places we wanted to see along with giving us a bit of time here and there to explore on our own. We were picked up promptly and the driver was also very kind and patient. Luis consistently gave us information about the different parts of Beijing during our drives and tours.

He also took amazing pictures for us and made sure we were constantly hydrated. We were provided with more water than we expected and the food provided was always delicious. We were driven everywhere, leaving our energy for pure sightseeing which was perfect. Our favorite part was exploring the Great Wall and we were extremely happy we got to actually camp on it. The gear provided was used (of course), but everything was in good shape. We were safely returned near the train station with lots of time before our depart. We had an AMAZING time and we honestly are so happy we went with the Great Wall Adventure Club instead of planning every single thing ourselves. It was worth the investment. Thank you!! I highly recommend this trip if you are on a tight schedule and want to see as many things as possible with a small group of friends. We left Shanghai Friday morning and came back Monday morning to recover before starting our busy week again.

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The program we tried is an overnight hiking and camping trip 2X1. We've been to the most amazing wild Great Wall in Gubeikou and Jinshanlng, plus a camping on the Great Wall. According to the New York Times, "The stretch of wall between Gubeikou and Jinshanling, is considered a prime example of Ming dynasty construction."

Gubeikou Great Wall Hiking Review:

The Gubeikou Great Wall is the most complete Great Wall system in the history of the Great Wall of China.

It is composed of the Great Wall of Northern Qi and the Great Wall of Ming, including four sections of Wolfram Mountain, Panglong Mountain, Jinshanling and Simatai.

Gubeikou is the Great Wall fortress between Shanhaiguan and Juyongguan, and is the throat between Liaodong Plain and Inner Mongolia to the Central Plains, which has always been a battlefield for soldiers.

In the Great Wall defense system in the ancient north of the mouth, few people can see the Great Wall architectural boutique section are here ... Mallet House, One-eye House, Fairy House, and Miyun wild one of the three Great Wall of the perfect building "Chenjiayu perfect building" is located on this route.

Today's walk is the Wolverine Mountain West - Sanchukou - eight buildings in the west gully crossing, you can see the rare round building.

It was built in the eighth year of Hongwu in the Ming Dynasty and is 4.75km long, with a maximum altitude of 665.22m and a relative height of 450m. The steep hill is named after the shape of the summit, which resembles two tigers on one side and one on the other. The steep mountainous terrain, the Great Wall of Crouching Tiger Mountain, a combination of majestic, dangerous and exotic, with a long, varied, clever layout, facilities, all become a masterpiece in the history of Great Wall architecture.

Here is the only sister building of the Great Wall, the longest Water Pass Great Wall, there are extremely rare flat building, round building, half-sided building, double battlements and "knife handle building", as well as by the North Qi Great Wall, Ming brick Great Wall, Ming stone Great Wall, Great Wall branch wall of the confluence of the spectacular "Great Wall of the knot! ". These constitute rare and precious cultural relics on the Great Wall of Ten Thousand Miles. The view from its summit is wider than the Simatai Great Wall, surrounded by mountains in the north, rivers and flat rivers in the south, and the east and west Great Wall is undulating and self-contained.

Climbing the main peak and looking into the distance: the Wuling Mountain hidden in the clouds and mist to the east, the winding Ant Ridge to the west, the Miyun Reservoir to the south, and the Peach Mountain to the north.

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Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking Reviews:

The Jinshanling Great Wall, one of the most representative sections of the Great Wall, is located at the junction of Luanping County in Hebei Province and Miyun County in Beijing. It was built in 1368, the first year of the Ming Dynasty, under the auspices of General Xu Da. In 1567, the first year of Longqing, the Great Wall was rebuilt and reconstructed by Qi Jiguang, the general of Jizhen and Tan Lun, the governor of Jiao Liao. It has become a national key cultural relics protection unit, a national scenic spot, a first-class tourist attraction, and is included in the World Cultural Heritage List.

Jinshanling Great Wall is the best part of the Great Wall of China, with its dangerous terrain, wide vision, strict fortification and majestic architecture. With an altitude of 700 meters, it is an ideal place for climbing mountains in the north, Simatai Reservoir in the east and Miyun Reservoir in the south. The Great Wall rises and falls between the mountains and rivers, and the situation is extremely majestic. It is especially densely packed with enemy buildings, exquisitely constructed and in various forms, which is incomparable to Badaling, Shanhaiguan and Jiayuguan, and is one of the tourist spots under development in the Great Wall. The Great Wall of Jinshanling winding and twisting, wide vision, dense enemy buildings, majestic and spectacular. The mountains and mountains inside and outside the Great Wall, the vast forest and sea, are suitable for hiking and climbing in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

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Jinshanling Great Wall Scenic Area has 32 square kilometers of peaks and green hills. In spring, the mountains are full of flowers and fragrance; in summer, the trees are covered with greenery and the clouds are misty; in autumn, the mountains are red and the forests are covered with trees; and in winter, the mountains are covered with silver and the snow is white. In this picturesque world, everywhere is beautiful, everywhere there are wonders, it is really amazing.

"Asian flyer Ke Shouliang leap Jinshanling Great Wall", "Yu Shunye fly backwards Jinshanling Great Wall", "environmentalists exhibition", "midnight rave party Bouncing", "city wedding", "barbecue dinner" and other large activities can be successfully held here. Party, state, provincial and municipal leaders have visited Jinshanling Great Wall many times. Numerous film and television stars, singers to this film, video, song shooting........ More make her famous at home and abroad.

The advantages of climbing this section of the Great Wall are.

1. This section of the Great Wall, which has been largely unmaintained, contains 24 enemy buildings, which have remained unchanged for 400 years.

2. relatively safe, moderate distance, from the Jinshanling to Simatai distance nearly ten kilometers, need to walk about 4 hours. In the Jinshanling and Simatai have local guides, can provide one-to-one service to tourists, need to hold hands to protect the safety of tourists, so the safety factor is high, to this point the accompanying staff is also more at ease, after the tour generally have to pay the guide a certain tip (50 yuan or so), or from the hands of a fellow villager to buy a picture book as a reward. 3) do not turn back is another advantage of this section of the Great Wall, and climbing the other side of the Great Wall is not the same. (3) The fact that there is no turning back is another advantage of climbing this section of the Great Wall, while the farther you go, the longer it takes to get back.

Historical Records

From a geological point of view, this is a transitional zone between the Yanshan fold and the Inner Mongolia dorsal slope. 200 million years ago, this area was once a vast sea. The huge movement of the earth's crust and the hundreds of millions of years of time carved and shaped by the knife, the achievement of a hundred states of thousands of strange scenery. It and artificial construction of the Great Wall, so that the Jinshanling appears more and more majestic and magnificent, pleasant scenery.

How to book the Great Wall hiking?

Here is the Great Wall hiking program page on Great Wall Adventure Club's site. Don't forget your 10% extra referral discount.

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User submitted photo of Great Wall Of China