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Gubei Watertown Tour: Bus Tour from Beijing 2021 Guide

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Is there a watertown in northern China?

The water township in Jiangnan is tender and lustrous. In spring, the dense raindrops, the green willows cut in the wind, the slow-flowing streams and the ancient bridges waiting for thousands of years make the water township of the Pillow River family "seem like a picture, but sound like a song". On the green stone road, you can sing a little song of the south of the Yangtze River and listen to the soft words of Wu Nong, which will enchant your heart. In the dusk of the fragrant evening, supporting a canopy boat, swinging in the winding water lanes, "see the green hills rippling on the water, see the sunset lightly kissing the smoke". The water town of Jiangnan is so charming that it looks like a pretty girl in the mirror.

Zhouzhuang and Tongli in Suzhou, Wuzhen and Xitang in Zhejiang, are "a handsome girl with a mirror and makeup". And in northern China, are there any water villages?

Located at the foot of the Great Wall in Simatai, Gubei Watertown is the water town of the north. If the water town of the south of the Yangtze River is a slender and lithe lady, then the Gubei Water Town, located at the foot of the Great Wall in Miyun District, Beijing, is a tough and handsome man with an upright backbone, but this man is also soft and firm due to the presence of the Yuan Yang Lake Reservoir. Gubei Watertown is a water town in the north of China, which is a blend of Jiangnan style.

In the summer, the Gubei water town, there is not a trace of wind, the hot sun is so hot that I have to carry my back to the air. Fortunately, the greenery in the water town is pretty good, allowing me to find shade from time to time to cool off. However, I really didn't want to go climb the uncovered Great Wall. After seeing the looks of admiration and anticipation from a group of Americans, I climbed the Wall with them in high spirits.

User submitted photo of Great Wall Of China

User submitted photo of Great Wall Of China

Hike the Great Wall at Simatai inside Gubei Watertown

It's certainly not the first time I've climbed the Great Wall. The Great Wall at Badaling in March, the green has not yet covered the mountains, which makes it look a little desolate, but still can not stop the enthusiasm of a group of "not the Great Wall is not a good man" people. The Great Wall is known as one of the "nine jams in the world", and is the most famous section of the Great Wall, which is also reasonably crowded. I didn't hesitate to turn to the steep, but sparsely visited South Great Wall to see the crowds on the relatively flat North Great Wall. Standing high on the Great Wall, looking up and down the undulating, winding Great Wall, looking back at the North Great Wall of the crowds, a sense of pride and heroism.

User submitted photo of Great Wall Of China

The Mutianyu Great Wall, which is connected to the Badaling Great Wall, is not as steep as the Badaling Great Wall, but it is more beautiful and has a longer open section than it does. The Great Wall at Mutianyu is more beautiful than the Great Wall at Badaling in March due to its 96% vegetation cover. Since this Great Wall is mainly used to receive foreigners, there are not many tourists and I can admire it in peace. At the foot of the Great Wall is a barterable shopping street, quaint and full of Chinese atmosphere. The longest Great Wall in China, the Mutianyu Great Wall is not only more crowded than other Great Walls, but also has a unique architectural style of enemy towers. The three enemy towers are hollow and parallel and have watchtowers that close the doors not in the middle but on the sides. The Great Wall at Mutianyu has a double-sided battlements that can be used to fight the enemy on both sides, as opposed to other Great Walls that only have battlements on the outside. The Great Wall at Mutianyu was built as a branching wall to ensure that it would be able to take the pressure off the main Great Wall and control the high ground during battle.

Both Badaling Great Wall and Mutianyu Great Wall, which are located on the peaks of the mountains, attract visitors from home and abroad with their own elegance, but for me, the most attractive is Simatai Great Wall above Gubei Water Town, because Gubei Water Town is my mother's hometown. According to my mother, the people here used to use the broken masonry of the Great Wall to build stoves. Compared to the "dressed up" Badaling Great Wall and Mutianyu Great Wall, Simatai Great Wall is like a wild boy, but it is the "wild" that makes it the only Great Wall in China that retains its original appearance in the Ming Dynasty. Although I think its reputation for being strange, special and dangerous is a bit of an overstatement, it was named by the British Times as "the world's top 25 must-see scenery," and by the famous Chinese ancient architect Luo Zhewen, who praised it as "the most beautiful of the Great Wall of China.

Climbing the uncovered Wild Great Wall in the windless heat was a first for me, and certainly could not have been pleasant, but the advantage was that there was no one else but us. When standing on the vantage point of this historically important cantonment site, it was a pleasant thing to see the ancient North Water Town built on the water below. The pleasure was exactly the same as when I stood in the Alps and saw the Austrian town of Hallstatt.

This town, said to be the most beautiful in the world, sits on the crystal-clear shores of Lake Hallstatt. The glacier-formed Lake Hallstatt is surrounded by mountains over 3,000 meters above sea level, with snow-capped peaks visible even on hot summer days. On the hillside by the lake, the lush green hillsides are covered with layers of residential buildings, ranging from Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and modern buildings in different colors. Under the sunlight, the town is decorated like a fairy tale with buildings with cane-covered facades and balconies with colorful flowers. The town is also home to the oldest salt mine in history and a 1600 year old skeleton church, making this picturesque town a World Heritage Site.

User submitted photo of Great Wall Of China

User submitted photo of Great Wall Of China

Gubei Water Town, although not a World Heritage Site, is also associated with the mountains and water, except that there is no glacier on this mountain, but the Great Wall at Simatai is listed as a World Heritage Site. The water does not come from glaciers and lakes, but from reservoirs. The Yuan Yang Lake reservoir provides a continuous source of water for the Xiaotang River downstream, which meanders with its tributaries through Gubei Water Town, giving the town a prototype of a water town with dense waterways. The whole town is designed after the pattern of Wuzhen, with the river as a street, the streets and bridges connected, even the bridges into roads, flowing water rowing boats. The houses are built according to the river, but instead of pink walls and tiles, the houses are made of stone bricks. This makes an investment of 4.5 billion of the ancient North Water Town, although also like Wuzhen, water as the soul, but the shape and God is not like, no Wuzhen "white walls and bamboo slender, Daiwa Yan murmur. The soul of Wuzhen is not the same as that of "white walls, bamboo flowers, swallows murmuring, apricot blossoms in a rainy alley and a woose-topped boat in an encounter".

In the sunny summer days, in the lush green town, listening to the gurgling water, along the winding river, see the small bridges and houses, but also pleasing to the eye. For me, the architecture of the Republican Quarter in Gubei Water Town, the Yang Wufei Shrine in the Folk Culture District and the Zhenyuan Dartboard in the Guzhai District do not interest me. I just like to walk on the blue stone slabs without vicissitudes, weaving in the stone bridges without a sense of age, passing the Yinghua Academy in the Ming and Qing Dynasty, the Eight Banners Hall in the Manchu Culture District, the simple and elegant Yongshun Dyeing Factory and a wide variety of shops, and then put my feet quietly in the free hot springs! In the pool, look out over the Great Wall above Watertown and immerse yourself in a distant dream of the watery south of the Yangtze River.

User submitted photo of Great Wall Of China

When the night curtain opened, with the northern fortress of the sad and cool northern water town turned into a gentle Jiangnan water town. Under the inky blue sky, all kinds of lights to dress up the water town glowing colors, has long been unable to distinguish whether it is pink walls and tiles or masonry blue tiles. The bright colored lights shining on the river, the river flowing with light, dreamy and enigmatic. The Simatai Great Wall at night, in the soft light lost the "ancient road, west wind, thin horse" vigor. In the night, a round of moon hanging high in the sky, for the summer heat gradually disappearing water town sprinkled with a layer of spreading light, all kinds of small bridges in the moonlight and light against the backdrop of the picturesque beauty. A gentle breeze, "glowing dew stained wet", everything is the best scenery. In the tantalizing summer night with the sound of cicadas and frogs chirping, and in the enchanting water town with the moonlight, I hope you can meet a long-lasting love, and never forget with the years.

User submitted photo of Great Wall Of China

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