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Self-guided Jiankou Great Wall Hiking Tour Review for Friends

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Review of My Self-guide Hike to Jiankou Great Wall

First time in the outdoors, first time in an off-the-beaten-path area. Unrestricted, unprotected and completely free. For me, everyone was a stranger who had never seen a face before. Our friends hiked with Great Wall Adventure Club before, so they would lead the way.

What I remember vividly is that we just set off, a group of people's backs. The captain, coffee, maple birch, sea wide, free, cloud fade, cops ... I, Zhou Zhou, Mengxiang and I followed nonchalantly, talking and laughing. The expedition began.

We chatted animatedly. The road to the top of the mountain was flat and steep, and there were many boys in the team who had good physical strength. But I thought, the Great Wall, what can we do, just follow it. After walking for a while, I went up the mountain road. After graduating from elementary school, I have never walked this wilderness road again, no one cares, no one asks, not even a murmur, fresh. It seems like a good time to sing a song or something. The village is getting farther away now, and I can see the trees at the bottom of the hill. The sky is light blue, the air is fresh, and every now and then a caterpillar or two pops up, glances up at us, and crawls past without missing a beat. The birds chattered overhead, the leaves were yellow, and when the wind blew, a few flakes drifted lazily down, everything was so natural.

Turning down a trail, before you know it, everyone is already changing for the climb. We're going to cut up the side of the mountain into the main north building and straight up the Wall.

I set my eyes on the cliffs. Trees, rocks, roots, and a road to nowhere, vertically up into the sky....

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The group pulled away at once, sparse and in twos and threes. Even dragging, I was tired and sweaty, picking at roots, knocking over rocks, and piling up people on the almost vertical steep wall.

The little girl in front of me, Choo Choo, and the scouting coffee had long since disappeared, and no one else knew who was who, except for the fact that everywhere I went there were people. Holding, someone racking, stepping on the overhanging rocks. The captain helps us with our packs to see if we're safe, which keeps me grounded. From time to time, I call out, "Choo Choo..." and there's a response from the trees above, "I'm here, we'll be there soon, come on..." It's as if the mountain god in Journey to the West is invisibly speaking. I was speechless for a moment, but this place, there were people waiting in front and pushing behind, so I couldn't go up.

I climbed up the cliff and the path again. A breath straight up for an hour.

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Then I felt like my legs weren't my own. All the way up I heard people saying, "Oh my gosh, why is it so hard to climb, why is it so steep..." and almost collapsed. I sat on my butt on the slope and couldn't walk. I peeled an orange and was greeted by many of my own people, including Zhengzi and Mengxiang, who was weak and could still walk, but I was too weak to move. No more. The cops saw that I couldn't make it, so they stood around and waited. I couldn't let anyone wait, I struggled to my feet and hurried as fast as I could. The scenery is secondary at this point, and it's good to keep up with the pack. I don't know how far ahead or how much longer I'll have to walk today, and stagger to follow.

The tall, skinny strip was in charge, keeping an eye on me and stopping when I reached a steep spot to pull me up.

So much for that, and with numerous encouragements, I saw the Masa North Building.

The sky is clear on the hand, the breeze blew, small small clouds to her beautiful figure ambiguously reflected in the red and green trees under the hill slope, near and far are the Great Wall, at a glance of the mountains, the scenery is four picturesque.

A trance to hear the ravine mouth, a small Budala. Everyone put on the camera to take some pictures. The cops brought eggs and ham to everyone, walking for so long, really hungry. The messenger smilingly photographed us eating. I don't know if it's our youth's energetic appearance that makes him feel fresh, having been to Wenchuan and Zhouqu. Standing here, the depressing noises of the mundane world fade away.

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After eating and resting for a while, we started to descend the mountain and set off for the Jiankou.

The road down from the beacon is very steep, especially when we saw the half-steps and half-steps of broken rocks very irregularly formed a semi-vertical with no end in sight. The long staircase is very damaging to the will. There was a time when I walked ahead, not knowing where the road was and having to go by instinct to see the footprints. When I realized the meaning of the word "pathfinder", I admired the coffee at the head of the team. In a team, the pathfinder walks in the front, through the dangers, more detours and more walking is common. Yet they often sacrifice their own safety and comfort and endure loneliness and hardship in order to keep the whole team safe.

The Great Wall at Badaling is not so high. Think of the soldiers who froze to death in the Cold War era; think of the hard laborers who died building the Great Wall; think of Meng Jiang Nü. So many unjust souls failed to inspire my trembling will, and at this time, if I'm not careful with my legs, I might slip down. Luckily there was everyone. My teammates used their own experience to help me lead the way.

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Just picking up, dragging, dangling. Barely conscious, unable to walk, dripping; unable to drag his legs down the steps, sitting down. In the vicinity of Xiaobudala, we met a hiker who had fallen off the cliff, and it was said that his bones were too fractured to move. Flared. The team's free man handed out his bag of medicine without saying a word. The stranger's warmth made it touching, and I silently wished them luck. Later, down the cliff wall, a team climbed from the bottom up, however the mountain was too steep for only one person to pass between the vertical roots of trees and dirt and rocks. Two teams crowded halfway up the hill. The captain was busy coordinating up and down, and finally, halfway up, they agreed to let us down first. On such a difficult road, the strange hikers below became our underground helpers, regardless of whether they were you or me.

At last, we reached the Jiankou, which is the Arrowhead. The legend began to build the Arrowhead Great Wall, Arrowhead Great Wall had no name. Once, a local magistrate came to inspect the Great Wall and found that the Arrowhead Great Wall was very majestic, and it was like a mountain stream in the middle of the mountains. He named it the Great Wall of Jiankou, but when he returned to the court, he felt the name was not right. But when he returned to the imperial court, he felt that the name was inappropriate and thought of an old saying, "A single arrow can kill two carcasses". Arrowhead Great Wall. Here is the transit station, the more dangerous and more fun has just begun. Heavenly Stairs, Eagle's Flight, Nine Eyes Tower and Beijing Knot. However, the path down the mountain also beckoned us leisurely beside it.

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Up the hill again. Before I knew it, I was at the very end of the group, where Mengxiang and Xiyao were waiting for me. XieYao is from the northeast. It is said that he runs 10,000 meters every morning, so this small hill is no problem for him. On the way, he was in charge of closing the team, and now I was at the end of the team. He played up the straightforwardness and enthusiasm of the Northeasterners to the fullest, sharing his knee pads with Mengxiang and me, but only wearing thin trousers. Halfway up the mountain, flashing sweat and freezing for half an hour.

Exploring the coffee and Zhou Zhou they hit the head, has been out nearly an hour away, the phone no signal. At the mountain stream, the captain worried that the team was too long, using the handstand contact, let them wait in place. They must have been very cold too, sweating from the mountain walk and the sudden stop. However, the team couldn't be broken up, and everyone else tried their best to keep moving forward.

Easy saw that my legs were weak and I shouldn't be able to crawl anymore, and asked if I wanted to go back first. I hesitate. It's a burden on everyone to drag on like this, so why not go down the mountain. After contacting the captain, Easy was planning to take me and Mengxiang down the trail. After taking this break, I had a chance to observe the path underneath my feet.

I See How Jiankou Great Wall Was Built

The stones here should have been brought up piece by piece back in the day, joined together with sand and lime, and then tired on the city bricks. Most of the bricks in this part of the city have been removed by local farmers, leaving only weathered and loose stones. Irregular. According to historical records, the Ming Dynasty's labor to build the Great Wall at that time mainly relied on the garrison army, followed by the forced conscription of civilians, as well as the prisoners sent to fill the army . The materials were mainly carried by hand, with simple tools, only wheelbarrows, log rollers, crowbars and winches. There are also donkeys carrying baskets full of lime, tying the city tiles on the goat's horn and blowing them up, instead of human transport. But a lot of work is still done by human power, a large barstone has more than 2,000 pounds, a large city tile has more than 30 pounds, which has sand. The stones, very hard and carved in stone, remained intact. They took advantage of the terrain and opened kiln factories on the spot, quarrying stones to burn lime. Long queues were formed and passed from person to person for more than two hundred years before this section of the Great Wall was forged.

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After giving the water in the bag to an occasional passerby who wanted to buy water, we were led down the mountain. There were many leaves and branches on the way down, and it was already getting dark. The village was incredibly quiet, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the common problems, exhausted but happy. As I watched Easy and Mengxiang smile, I suddenly felt very cozy. I thought I could only find that kind of feeling in a fairy tale book at home, by the fireplace or candlelight. Standing beside the flocks of reeds, hovering on the countryside, I smiled at the sunset.

Get to Beijing Knot of Jiankou

Very early the next day, a few teammates who had discussed seeing the sunrise beforehand climbed up and moved on.

With the stars in the sky, we set off again. Orion, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor...half-bent moon, quiet night.

Across yesterday's trail, at dawn, we climbed the Peking Knot.

All around us were broken walls, the half-naked sky reflecting on the countless hovering soap-black walls, and the sky was getting lighter.

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The morning wasn't as cold as I thought it would be, the breeze was soft and caressed my ears. After yesterday's run, we are slightly tired.

Slowly and leisurely walking, talking, the sun suddenly came out, I lost my voice, the sun!

Everyone turned around and saw a red sun rising behind the distant mountains, and the whole horizon seemed to be on fire. We watched as one jumped and rose up.

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I wonder what they're thinking. Reflecting the morning sun should be a joyful thing.

How many lost souls are warmed by a red sun week after week.

After watching the sunrise, we headed to Eagle Feixing Tilt. The day before, we descended from Arrowhead to Xizi, today we walked the rest of the way, crossing the Eagle's Fly Tilt and descending the ladder.

Today's route was completely different from yesterday's, not too physically demanding and not too technical, just have the guts.

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The altitude more than doubled, often times requiring you to bow your head and step over the rubble on the other side of the cliff. One slip and it was enough to fall off the cliff and break into pieces.

After climbing for a while, I came across a wall of rubble. The angle is perpendicular to the ground, the sand and gravel underfoot is easy to slip, the narrow path with a steep slope of 70 to 80 degrees and the unobstructed cliff. Fall down, fall down strong okay, in case of rolling down, unthinkable. Captain in order to ensure safety, put down the rope in advance, the first to climb up. Almost to the top, there is a piece of about half a meter of rock hanging out, into a chamfer, the lack of gravity fulcrum, my heart really thudded! One down.

Luckily the captain was quick. One by one, my teammates went up, we took care of me, put the rope down, tied me up strong, up and down to catch me almost hanging up. I'm so grateful to everyone for taking care of me. Without everyone here, Mick would never have been able to climb the arrow buckle. The encouragement, the help, the patience, and the helping hands, I remember them all.

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How difficult it was to build the Wall in the first place!

If you want to have a more secured and safe hiking to the Great Wall, Great Wall Adventure Club is the answer.