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How To Pack For Your Trip To Greece

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Congratulations! You are about to embark upon a great journey of epic proportions. Greece is the stomping grounds of legends of mythological proportions, great philosophers and politicians and absolutely breathtaking scenery. There will surely be a lot to take in no matter what you end up doing on your trip, so you want to make sure you are prepared by the time you leave.

The best way to eliminate traveling stress early on is to consider what you need and to make sure you have it all before you head off on your Greek adventure. Here are some things to consider putting into your luggage.

Extra Bag

You will probably find yourself wanting to soak up as much of the country as you can. From the historic sites to the beautiful natural formations, you may be away from your luggage for long stretches of time. There is a solution to this problem that lets you keep everything extra you may need right on your bag. You should pack a drawstring bag in your luggage. That way every time you leave your hotel, hostel or wherever you stay, you can take the items you need for the day ahead without having to place whether or not you will return to your home base during the day. This bag will surely be a game changer for all of your adventures.

Good Rain Jacket

Nobody wants to get caught in the middle of an unprecedented rainstorm in a foreign country with their precious items on their person. A wet passport and wet Euros are a recipe for disaster. The best solution is to find a solid rain jacket with plenty of pockets for all of your needs. You can always have this jacket stashed in your bag just in case you need it.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

If you intend to do a lot of walking during your time in Greece, you should definitely consider investing in a sturdy pair of walking shoes. Having some extra cushion and stability will make all of the difference when you are on your feet for eight straight hours of touring the sites. A traveller's pro tip is to pay special attention to the tread on the bottom of your shoes. You will want tread that is good at sticking to uneven surfaces such as ancient cobblestone streets, but nothing too aggressive unless you plan on doing some intense trail running or hiking during your time in the land of good food and cool history.


One day you might find yourself reminiscing about your grand adventure to Greece. You may even want to share those memories with others or brush up on them yourself. The best way to ensure this is to bring something to document what happens there. If you are more of a writer or sketcher, you should bring a journal with you. If you keep this in your bag at all times with a pen or pencil you will never miss a moment to stop for a coffee and jot down some good stories. If you are more of a visual person then you should take a good camera. Having those photographs to flip through in the future will jog your memory of the fun things you did and the interesting people you met.


As boring and uncool as they may sound, you should consider bringing a good pair of earplugs. Traveling can be exhausting and you will want plenty of sleep when you can get it. However, not everyone in your area will be on your schedule and this can be frustrating by making it impossible to sleep. The solution is to put in your earplugs and drift off to a midday nap to refuel yourself. You will never regret investing in a good pair of earplugs for your travels!

Your trip to Greece is sure to become a myth in and of itself. Upon your return, you will join the ranks of the legends who lived there prior to your stay as you recall all of your adventures to your friends and family. The journey is what you want to focus on, so take some of these tips to heart and make sure your focus is not on what you forgot but you are doing!