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Submitted on Dec 17, 2018 Useful Info

Getting from Guangzhou airport to city by subway

  • I recommend taking the subway into the city from the airport. It's clean, cheap (just ¥8, or $1), and pretty fast (40-60 minutes to downtown). By comparison, taxi costs ¥100-¥140 and takes 20-30 minutes
  • The airport has two subway stations (Airport North station and Airport South Station, both on Line 3). Either one works
  • Take the train going to Tiyu Xilu Station (maybe called Tiyu West Road in signage), in Chinese is 体育西路, and this is the end of the airport section of line 3. From the airport to here takes 40 minutes
  • From Tiyu Xilu, you can transfer to the non-airport section of line 3, or transfer to line 1 going westward towards the historic center of Guangzhou
  • This website is helpful for planning subway rides in Guangzhou