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Submitted on Apr 04, 2021 Useful Info

Prepaid sim cards to use in Guinea Bissau

  • Guinea Bissau has two operating mobile network providers in the country.
  1. Orange Bissau - (Run by Senegal's SONATEL)
  2. MTN (Run by South African mobile group)
  • Guinea Bissau used to have a government-owned network provider called Companhia de Telecomunicacoes da Guine-Bissau also known a Guinea Telecom however the provider was discontinued due to lack of funds.

Orange Bissau.

  • Orange Bissau has the largest market share which is 52%.
  • It was the first company to launch 4G internet in the region back in 2015.
  • It has also been the market leader for the last years from 2013.
  • The network coverage of Orange is the largest in the country hence the reason why it attracts a large market.
  • The SIM cards can be bought right outside the airport and the vendors will ask you to buy the SIM cards.
  • The SIM cards can also be bought at the orange stores within the country.
  • The purchase of the SIM card does not allow one to have an identification card.
  • The SIM cards cost 1000F and do not come with any preloaded talk time or data bundle, for this, you have to recharge your SIM.
  • Top up cards are sold ranging from 500F, 1000F, 10000F and 25000F.
  • To top-up, you will have to dial *123*[voucher code]#.
  • to check balance, dial *123#
  • To access the internet, one has to buy a package called pass internet and the package can be as cheap as 200F where you get 40MB or can be as expensive as 50000F where you get up to 75GB


  • This is the second-largest network provider in the country and although it advertises 4G internet, this is hardly found.
  • At times the best that can be found is HSPA.
  • The sim cards are bought for 500f without any preloaded talk time or data bundle and voucher cards can be bought in any local shops or in supermarkets.