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Updated on Nov 09, 2018 Useful Info

How to get to the Hellulaug pool

A little background on Hellulaug:

  • It's a small geothermal pool with water temperature at 104F (40C) that you can bath in all-year-round
  • It's completely natural, unlike the Blue Lagoon which is man-made
  • Because of how deep it is in the Westfjords and how far it is from the Ring Road (I had to drive over some rough gravel roads to get to it), it's usually very uncrowded. In fact, when we went, we were able to have the pool to ourselves the entire morning
  • The atmosphere of the pool is very quiet and zen. The ocean is less than 10 yards away but it's very, very calm. There's no sound around you other than the water flowing into the pool from the rocks

To get to Hellulaug:

  • The only way to get there is by driving
  • Use Google Maps to navigate to the exact coordinates of (65.577975, -23.159152). It's about 4.5 hours away from Reykjavik on a good day. If you see a gas station and a building, you've driven too far (there's no trace of human civilization for the entire stretch of road leading up to this pool):

  • Once there, turn left towards the ocean onto the small road that leads to the parking lot of Hellulaug. You won't see Hellulaug itself at this point because it's way below you on the beach, but you should see this sign in front of you (this picture is taking looking towards where I came from):User submitted photo of Hellulaug
  • At the very end of the parking lot (away from where you pulled in), you'll see a small gravel footpath that leads you down to the beach. Follow this path down and you'll get to the pool in less than 1 minute

Other tips for Hellulaug:

  • Hellulaug is completely free to use, but it doesn't have any facilities on site. I recommend you to change in your car before going down to the pool
  • In the pool, the water gets warmer the closer you are to the back wall
  • While the pool is possible to visit all year round, be extremely careful when driving there in the winter (mid-October through late March). The roads in Westfjords is narrow and winding, huge sections of the roads are unpaved gravel roads, and you'll be driving up and down mountains to get to it. On top of that, while the area around Hellulaug itself is usually not windy, the drive to it can be very windy, snowy, and slippery to drive on. This is a slight horror story but I almost crashed my car off the side of a cliff because I thought a pile of snow on the side of the road was solid, when it was just empty beneath the snow