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How to use public transportation in Ho Chi Minh City

The public transportation system in Ho Chi Minh City - BUS

If you are someone who does not often travel by bus, it will be difficult for you. If you are a foreigner, it is difficult many times.

The bus has 2 directions, you need to distinguish the direction of pickup. If not sure, you can ask those who wait at the bus stop. More definitely when boarding a bus, ask the ticket inspector if you are on the right route.

A special feature of Saigon bus is to enter the station only when customers call. So don't forget to wave your hand, so that the bus driver knows you are taking this trip and not another route.

Before you go, you should prepare yourself a map, possibly a bus system map. Don't be afraid to ask bus drivers and motorbike drivers. Or contact the phone numbers below.

1.Number of HCMC buses

(08) 39.111.333

If you have any questions about your bus route, please contact this number to ask.

2.Emergency call


When encountering insecurity situations on bus routes such as pickpockets, theft or at waiting stations, bus parks, visitors must immediately contact the phone number above to notify the Police Department. anti-crime and social order - PC45.

If you stay in Vietnam longer than planned, what you need to do is extend your visa, and moving to the Immigration Department in Vietnam to make the process quite time-consuming, you cannot take the bus to get there. Please contact an agency that performs the renewal, it will save you more time.