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Tan Ky Old House

Old House of Tan Ky Introduction

Experiencing ups and downs of history for more than 200 years, Tan Ky ancient house still retains its unique architecture, becoming an attractive destination for visitors to explore the ancient beauty of Hoi An ancient town.

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Old House of Tan Ky Hoi An History

All year-round, the ancient house of Tan Ky is always busy with tourists. The house was built in 1741, where 7 generations of Le family lived. In the second generation, the owner took the name Tan Ky to trade and do the business of agricultural products. The front of the house connects to Nguyen Thai Hoc Street to open a shop, the back is connected to the river, on Bach Dang Street to facilitate the import of goods.

Tan Ky Old House Architecture

Wood is the main material used by the owner, besides wood, there are also stones and Bat Trang bricks, so it makes the house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

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At present, the ancient house of Tan Ky still retains many great and majestic scenes, including many beautiful paintings such as: "Saving virtue and saving faith" (teaching children and grandchildren to keep good virtues for the next generation); "Normal mind" (keep the mind always quiet).

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The roof of the living room is made of jackfruit wood, following the "crab roof" architecture to help expand the living room space. Many motifs are exquisitely carved, full of humane meanings such as: scrolls of poetry, pens, book boxes, etc.

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The area inside the first room has exhibits of antiques and sailing boats, the symbol of the busy Hoi An trading port from 400 years ago. Tan Ky old house is the first ancient house honored with a national cultural and historical relic in 1990 and has been recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage. This old house often welcomes the heads of state, politicians at home and abroad. Many domestic and international film crews have also chosen this old house setting to film.

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Tan Ky ancient house has experienced historic floods, culminating in 1964, flooding water up to the ceiling of the first floor. But the old houses are still intact, as challenging with time.

The house also keeps a collection of "Bach Dieu" antiques considered by archaeologists to be unique in Vietnam. The wooden signs are written in 100 strokes, each with a bird taking off.

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Among the many antiques in Tan Ky's ancient house is the "Confucius Cup", an invaluable treasure associated with the ancient story of Confucius, advising people to refrain from acts, to keep themselves in a neutral state, not outrageous.

The house has a typical tubular architecture of the old urban area, there are no windows in the house, the only space to get the light of the house is the "skylight" in between the house.

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Tan Ky old house is made by artisans with the most skillful hands of the famous Kim Bong carpentry village of Quang Nam. The motifs, patterns, structures on the house all bring meaning, colorful messages, Eastern philosophy.

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The old house also reserved space for visitors around the world to leave a visit card to save their memories of visiting the old house, a separate mark in the unique architecture of Vietnam home.

How to visit Tan Ky Old House?

Well, Tan Ky Old House is in the ancient town of Hoi An, so to visit this ancient house, you have to buy an entrance ticket. It costs VND 120,000/ an adult. Children under 10 years old are free of charge.

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