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Essential apps to have when visiting Honduras

These are a few apps that are essential in your visit to Honduras.


  • It is getting virtually impossible to visit a new place without having google maps to back you up.
  • Google maps have been optimized for people who are visiting areas that do not have internet access and you'll definitely need these maps when in rural Honduras, in towns as well.


  • Airbnb is an app that allows you to get accommodation in Honduras.
  • As opposed to the traditional hotels that are expensive, Airbnb allows you to get quality accommodation for a very cheap price.
  • Booking and payment are done online hence it reduces the hustle of having liquid cash.
  • Airbnb also allows you to view the house you are paying for before you move in.

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  • Ubers are one of the few metered taxis here as most local taxis are not metered, this makes Uber the most reliable transport method for tourists.
  • The prices by uber or any other taxi app are relatively cheaper compared to the local price.
  • Uber also allows for authenticity and hence you wont get mugged or robbed by the driver.


  • Trip advisor is an informative app as it contains suggestions of hotels, restaurants and can help plan your itinerary.
  • You can have it offline and hence it comes in handy in those areas without WiFi.