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Updated on May 27, 2019 Useful Info

Everything you need to know about currency and travel costs in Honduras

  • The local currency is known as the Lempira (HNL) that is made up of 100 cents.
  • Bills are of 8 different amounts ranging from
  1. L1- red
  2. L2-purple
  3. L 5-dark gray
  4. L10- brown
  5. L20- green
  6. L50- blue
  7. L100-yellow
  8. L500- magenta
  • There are also coins as well.
  • As per now, 1 HNL is worth 4 USD cents.
  • In Honduras, US dollars are generally accepted especially in the islands of Guanaja, Roatan, and Utila. In other parts of the country, dollars may or may not be accepted, but whether they are accepted or not you are exposing yourself to extortion, you'll be overcharged due to the notion that tourists are always loaded with cash.


  • Here a standard room should cost you less than L1000 per night. Personally, when I was in Bay islands I paid L700 per night for my private room.


  • At local hotels, L50 should be enough but for tourist restaurants meals cost between L100-L200.


  • Taxis are your best option
  • CAUTION: Taxis are not metered here, discuss the fare with your driver before boarding the taxi.