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Why you should visit Honduras.

Honduras is a country in Central America, it surely has wonderful things to enjoy while there.

  1. Honduran coffee. - Honduras is the fifth largest producer of coffee in the world. For such a small country this is something they are proud of. the coffee in the country is 100% arabica coffee and is produced by the local farmers. Here the residents insist on the quality of their brand.
  2. Bananas. - Honduras was one of the largest banana exporters in the 20th century. Though this is no longer the case, the country still exports a lot of bananas and if you need to see a variety of bananas, then this is a place you should definitely visit. Major cities developed because if the banana trade.
  3. Mayan ruins. - The Mayan ruins in the western side of the country boast of archaeological sites that have been studied for hundreds of years. The site also boasts of the most elaborate high relief sculptures of the Mayan world. The site also has ancient hieroglyphic texts from eons ago. Top archaeologists can decipher this. However, you can higher a guide to tell you what they mean.
  4. Barrier reefs. - The Mesoamerican barrier reef on the southern end of the bay islands of the country is the second longest in the world. coming second to the great barrier reef in Australia. However, they are the most bio-diverse reefs in the worlds and you will arguably find the best diving and skiing conditions than any other part of the world.
  5. National parks. - Honduras has over 100 national parks in the country. 40% are protected by the law. Most of these national parks are located in the Moskita region. If you are into nature, try Honduras you will leave feeling better than before.