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Updated on Mar 11, 2019 Useful Info

How to take the buses in Hong Kong - A step by step guide for first timers

  • Hong Kong has a very robust public transportation system, the metro is super convenient, but it has little lines. While the buses reach almost everywhere in Hong Kong except for some of the small islands.
  • Taking the buses in Hong Kong however could be daunting for first timers. It wasn't my first time going but I've only took the bus for the first time last time I went.
  • The bus stops in Hong Kong are quite crammed - just like the city itself. Normally what you would do is to look up on Google Map which bus you need to be taking, it will tell you the closest stop so just navigate towards it with the help of the map.
  • Once you get to the stop, you will notice there are MANY lines and signs. Be patient and look for the one you need. If you don't find it, chances are there is another stop somewhere close by.
  • Once you find your line and confirm the direction (written on the signs) you should look on the ground to look for your bus number and line up exactly there. During busy hours you will see many people already linedup, they may have covered the number so just ask if you don't see the number on the ground but the signs are there. Most people in Hong Kong speak English.
  • When your bus come, double check if the direction is correct by looking at the sign on the front of the bus, the final destination is always written both in English and Chinese.
  • Get on the bus, and make sure you don't rush and skip the line! You can pay with cash (****MAKE SURE you have the exact amount because you don't get changes back****) or scan the Octopus Card (which btw, you should totally get if you are visiting Hong Kong! It's basically a transport card + e-wallet which you can use to pay for things in convenience shops and many restaurants)
  • The destination announcement is made both in English and Chinese before each stop. When you approach your destination, make sure you press the red button as the driver may or may not stop
  • Night buses is huge in Hong Kong, they don't run as often as day ones but are totally safe to ride. They have a N in front of the bus numbers. But if you are not super on a budget, take a taxi, they cost more but much much faster.
  • PS: Take the double deck buses and get a window seat on the top! SUPER FUN!