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Best way to get to Shenzhen from Hong Kong International Airport

  • Hong Kong is very well connected to mainland China, so as you can imagine it's quite easy to get to Shenzhen from the airport
  • There are three main ways to travel directly to Shenzhen from Hong Kong International Airport without having to transfer in the city:
  1. Ferry
  2. Bus
  3. Car/Limousine/Taxi
  • Of these, I think ferry is the best option to go to Shenzhen from Hong Kong Int'l Airport because it's quick and you don't have to go through HK immigration and don't have to deal with your luggage until you get to China. More details on these options below

  • Option 1) Ferry
  • There's a ferry terminal next to (and connected with) Hong Kong airport called SkyPier (海天客運碼頭), located here. From this pier, you can take one of many daily ferries run by CKS and TurboJET to Shenzhen
  • On the Shenzhen side, the ferries arrive in either Shekou Port (蛇口港) or Fuyong Port (福永码头)
  • If your destination is Shenzhen city, then take the ferry to Shekou Port, from where you can take metro line 2 to downtown Shenzhen
  • If your destination is Shenzhen International Airport, then go to Fuyong, which is attached to Shenzhen airport and has free shuttle buses to take you to Shenzhen airport
  • Here's the step-by-step guide to take the ferry at SkyPier to Shenzhen:
  1. After you get off your flight into the terminal building, follow the ubiquitous signs for "Mainland/Macau Ferries", like this:User submitted photo of Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)Or you can also follow signs for either "Transfer Desks" or "E2". Following any of these signs will get you to the ferry ticketing and boarding area
  2. Keep following the signs until you get to the ferry ticketing counter located in the transfer area (Terminal 1, Level 5, area E2; note that at the moment all flights to HK airport lands in Terminal 1 because Terminal 2 is closed until 2024). This is the same area as all other airline transfer desks, located before the immigration and baggage claim area, it looks like this:User submitted photo of Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)I'll repeat again, this is located before the immigration area. Do NOT go through immigration, baggage claim, and customs. Once you do, you won't be able to use SkyPier anymore (SkyPier is a restricted area for transfer passengers only, as such it's not considered entering Hong Kong territory. If you go through customs and immigration you enter Hong Kong, which makes you ineligible to use SkyPier). You don't pick up your checked bags at Hong Kong Int'l Airport; they will be picked up for you by the ferry company and put on the ferry for you to pick up in Shenzhen
  3. At the ferry ticketing desk, present your 1) passport, 2) boarding pass of your arrival flight into HK, and 3) your airline-issued luggage tag (if you have checked luggage), to purchase the ferry ticket. Ferry to Shekou Port (the one to use to go to Shenzhen city) costs HKD$220 (USD$28), and ferry to Fuyong Port (the one attached to SZ airport) costs HKD$295 (USD$38). Major international credit cards (at least Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB; I'm not sure about the others) are accepted so you don't need to have HKD cash with you. Note: if you have checked baggage, you can only buy ferries departing in 60 minutes or later; if you don't have checked baggage, you can buy ferries departing in 30 minutes or later. See below for ferry schedule
  4. Once you have your ferry ticket, you need to wait here at the airport terminal for ferry boarding (you don't wait for boarding at SkyPier). There are seats here for you to sit in, or you wander around and make use of the lots of shops and restaurants available in the terminal building. Boarding commences 30 minutes before the ferry departure
  5. At 30 minutes before the scheduled ferry departure, the boarding will start. Simply show them the ticket you just bought, go down the escalator to take the underground train to SkyPier, then board the ferry at SkyPier. Rest assured your bags have been picked up by the ferry company staff and are on the ferry (you grab them in Shenzhen after you get off the ferry)
  6. Take your assigned seats on the ferry and relax for your journey to Shenzhen. It takes 30 minutes to get to Shekou Port and 50 minutes to get to Fuyong Port
  7. Once you arrive in Shenzhen Port, get off the ferry and pick up your bags. Then go through Chinese immigration just like you normally would at a Chinese airport. So you must have a valid Chinese visa or apply for the 5-day Shenzhen Visa on Arrival. Notice how taking the ferry means skipping Hong Kong immigration altogether and go straight to Chinese immigration, basically as if you landed in Shenzhen instead of HK
  8. Take the free shuttle to the Shekou Port Metro Station (if you arrived in Shekou) or Shenzhen International Airport (if you arrived in Fuyong)
  • Ferry schedule:
  • I can only find the schedule for CKS, which is the main ferry operator between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. It has 16 daily departures from SkyPier to Shekou Port (from 8:15am to 10:50pm every 45-60 minutes), and 3 daily departures from SkyPier to Fuyong Port
  • CKS departures from SkyPier to Shekou Port are at: 8:15am, 9:00am, 9:45am, 10:15am, 11:00am, 12:30pm, 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm, 7:30pm, 8:30pm, 9:20pm, 10:50pm
  • CKS departure from Skypier to Fuyong Port: 2:30pm, 4:50pm, 8:00pm
  • Check CKS website for the current departure information:
  • You can also check TurboJET's website as well, although I couldn't find the schedule between Hong Kong airport and Shenzhen on there when I looked

  • Option 2) Bus
  • There are three bus companies that run routes from Hong Kong International Airport to Shenzhen. Most of the routes end at one of the border crossings, but some buses actually drop you off at locations inside Shenzhen
  • Where do the buses go:
  • You can find buses that go to these three border crossings:
  • Lok Ma Chau Control Point (落馬洲管制站): the Shenzhen side is called Huanggang Port (皇岗口岸); located here very close to central Shenzhen and has easy access to Shenzhen metro line 7 Huanggang Check Point Station; border crossing is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week; this is my recommended border crossing due to its central location and hours of operation
  • Shenzhen Bay Port (深圳湾口岸): it's actually located completely within Shenzhen territory so there's no HK side/Shenzhen side naming difference; it's located here, close to the wealthy high tech Nanshan area of Shenzhen. However, it's not on any metro station although it's only a 10-minute taxi ride to Dengliang (登良) metro station on line 2; border crossing is open from 6:30am to midnight everyday; this border crossing is good if your final destination is in western part of Shenzhen like Nanshan, Qianhai, Houhai, Bao'an areas
  • Sha Tau Kok Control Point (沙頭角管制站): the Shenzhen side is called Shatoujiao Port (沙头角口岸); located here very far away from downtown Shenzhen and no metro access; border crossing is open 7am to midnight everyday; I don't recommend this border crossing at all because it's pretty much outside of Shenzhen
  • You can also take buses to various spots inside Shenzhen. Every bus company stops at different spots and it's best to check with them at the airport where the routes go to and find the closest one to your final destination. See below for the websites of all the bus companies that go from HK Int'l Airport to inside Shenzhen; some of these websites let you check routes
  • Bus companies:
  1. CTS:
  2. Eternal East Tours Company:
  3. Kwoon-Chung Trans:
  • Where to buy tickets and board the buses: you can buy tickets for all buses going to Shenzhen at the Mainland/Macau Transportation Centre, which is located in Terminal 1 arrival hall (turn left after you've exited from either of the two baggage claim exits into the arrival hall). Unlike the ferries to Shenzhen described above, which you take without clearing customs and immigration to HK, to take the bus you must clear customs & immigration and pick up your baggage. This is what the transportation centre looks like:User submitted photo of Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)It should be pretty easy to find as it's located at the very end of the arrival hall after you turn left upon exiting from the baggage claim. This map shows you exactly where it is relative to the baggage claim exits: User submitted photo of Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)If you're lost, either follow overhead signs for "Mainland/Macau Transportation Centre, or "Transportation to Mainland China". Or, just ask a staff for where to buy tickets for buses to Shenzhen they should all knowUser submitted photo of Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)
  • Bus fare:
  • HKD$150 (USD$20) per person each way to get to one of the border crossings - Lok Ma Chau, Sha Tau Kok, Shenzhen Bay Port
  • HKD$150-$220 (USD$20-$28) to get to various spots inside Shenzhen city. Check the websites of the 3 bus companies I listed above for the actual, up-to-date fare
  • Credit cards are accepted for payments so you don't need to exchange cash
  • Bus schedule: I know the buses to Lok Ma Chau border crossing runs 24 hours (because the border itself is open 24 hours) with frequent departures like once every 15-30 minutes. The buses to the other border crossings and to destinations in Shenzhen varies by bus operator, it's best to check with them on their websites

  • Option 3) Car/Limousine/Taxi
  • For the ultimate convenience, you can book a car or limo to take you to anywhere in Shenzhen from Hong Kong International AirportUser submitted photo of Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)
  • You will of course have to pay for this convenience. The cost ranges from HKD$1,000-$1,500 (USD$129-$193) per car each way. But these cars can seat 4-6 people so if you do have a small group then it's worth the price
  • A note about taxi: instead of taking a car or limo, you can make use of the regular metered airport taxis from HK Int'l Airport which will be cheaper than a car/limo. But, these taxis won't be able to go to anywhere inside Shenzhen because Hong Kong taxis are not allowed to go into China. They also don't accept credit card payments, only cash HKD or Octopus Card. So, you can take a red or green taxis to go to one of the border crossings if you have enough cash HKD on hand, specifically:
  • Lok Ma Chau border crossing: Huanggang on SZ side, costs about HKD$200 ($26USD)
  • Lowu border crossing: Luohu on SZ side, costs about HKD$300 (USD$39)
  • Sha Tau Kok border crossing: Shatoujiao on SZ side, costs about HKD$500 (USD$65)
  • Shenzhen Bay Port: costs about HKD$200 ($26USD)
  • There are 3 ways to book a car or limo:
  1. You can book in person at the Mainland/Macau Transportation Centre at the HK airport in Terminal 1 arrival hall. This is the same counter as where you buy coach bus tickets to Shenzhen, so refer to Option 2) above on exactly how to get here. If you're not familiar with Hong Kong and Shenzhen or if it's your first time there, I recommend booking in person because it involves border crossing and it's best to have the staff on the ground walk you through it
  2. You can book online directly with one of the car/limo providers, which are: CTS, Eternal East Tours, Kwoon Chung, and S.T. Travel. Go to their website (some of these sites don't have English versions so you will have to use Google Translate), and look for the form to submit your request for quotation. For the car/limo services none of these four providers advertise what the fares are so you have to provide details of your travel (including the address of your destination in Shenzhen) to get the quote
  3. You can use the website Klook to book a transfer to Shenzhen. Go to the Klook's website, and search for "Hong Kong Airport Shenzhen transfer". In the result look for private transfers and you should be able to see some options. Klook is a Hong Kong-based website for booking tours and transportation services in many Asian locations. You can read reviews on it and book with credit card. It's similar to Viator and GetYourGuide, but it's more comprehensive for Hong Kong
  • As for taxis you can just follow the signs in the terminal to get to the taxi queue and take one like how you'd normally catch an airport taxi. You can refer to this transportation guide on how to get into the city from HK Int'l Airport