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How to connect to the free wifi at Hong Kong International Airport

  • Hong Kong's Chek Lap Kok International Airport has unlimited free wifi throughout the entire airport
  • The network's name is #HK Airport Free WiFi. You can connect to it without supplying any information like phone number or email address. There's no time limit to using this network as well and you won't be kicked off after a chunk of time
  • Here's how you connect to it:
  1. Find the network with SSID #HK Airport Free Wifi. This network should be visible anywhere in the airport. Connect to this network:User submitted photo of Hong Kong International Airport
  2. As soon as you connect, you will see a popup window with Terms and Conditions. The default is in English but you can also switch to traditional and simplified Chinese. On this page, you need to click the "Agree and Continue" button:User submitted photo of Hong Kong International Airport
  3. That's it. You'll be online after that. You can close the popup window at this point and start surfing the web

  • The speed of the wifi was pretty fast. I tested the network speed at the terminal. While speed varies by your location within the terminal and signal strength, they all came out to very high numbers, above 20Mbps for download and 10Mbps for upload:User submitted photo of Hong Kong International Airport