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How to get from Shenzhen to Hong Kong International Airport Via the new express train in detailed steps

Detailed steps:

  1. Train from Shenzhen Futian Station or Shenzhen North to Kowloon Station in Hong Kong: 15or20min train ride, 68 or 75rmb for second class tickets, see train-taking details here
  2. Once off the train, go through customs in HongKong and once out of the gate, follow sign for Airport Express (which leads you to upstairs to the departure hall of the station)
  3. Note that the sign for airport express disappears at some point! Just follow sign for Kowloon Station or Elements Mall instead, same thing. User submitted photo of Hong Kong AirportUser submitted photo of Hong Kong Airport
  4. After a passage walk, you will have to pass through the Elements Mall to get to the station. Continue to follow the sign you will arrive at Kowloon station which is accessible from inside the mall - the total walk is about 15-20min depends on speed i'd sayUser submitted photo of Hong Kong AirportUser submitted photo of Hong Kong Airport
  5. Once you arrive at the Kowloon Station, careful not to go straight in with your octopus card into the metro, instead you need to go to the right and continue to follow the sign for express train
  6. You then will be downstairs at the Airpot Express train departure hall where you can go straight in with octopus card or buy tickets (HKD105 one-way) on the ticket machine (which only takes 10/50/100 cash bills or coins, not cards) You can also buy tickets at the customer service counter with cash or cards
  7. The train doesn't stop very long but the frequency is every 10min, total ride time 22min User submitted photo of Hong Kong Airport
  8. Once you arrive, everyone gets off at the same Stop. T1 on the left, T2 on the right - short walk to the counters

To give you an idea, my train departed from Futian Station at 3:55pm, with mild crowds (it's Dec 30 a Sunday) and slight confusion with signs, and missing 1st express train, I arrived at the Hong Kong airport T1 at 5:15pm, I would imagine the total time could be packed down to 1 hr