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Submitted on Jan 27, 2020 Useful Info

Where to get Octopus Card at Hong Kong International Airport

  • Octopus Card is very useful to have for all travellers to Hong Kong because it allows you to easily tap onto any public transportation without having to buy tickets every time. Pretty much all residents have it and even if you're just visiting for a few days I recommend getting it. You can get the card at any MTR station in the city
  • At the airport, the only place you can get the Octopus Card is at the Airport Express Customer Service Counter. Airport Express is the MTR-operated train that connects the airport with the city, and is one of the best ways to get in from the airport. So after you get the Octopus Card you can use it to take the Airport Express train into the city, which costs HKD$70-$115 (USD$9-$15) each way
  • Where the Airport Express Customer Service Counter is located in the airport:
  • At the moment, only Terminal 1 of the airport is open. T2 is closed until 2024. So all arrivals to Hong Kong International Airport is coming out of T1
  • In T1, the counter is located in the middle of the arrival hall after you've picked up your luggage and exited the customs. Note that there are two separate doors to exit from the baggage claim/customs into the arrival hall. Depending on which one you come out of you have to either turn left or right. Use this map for reference:User submitted photo of Hong Kong International Airport
  • The counter is really easy to find. Basically just head to the smack middle of the arrival hall and look for a counter that looks like this with the logo of the MTR prominently displayed:User submitted photo of Hong Kong International Airport
  • How to buy the Octopus Card at the service counter:
  • When you get to the counter, just tell the staff there you want to buy an Octopus Card. They all speak English there so you'll have little trouble communicating
  • The Octopus Card costs a minimum of HKD$150 (=USD$20). This amount includes HKD$50 in deposit which can be refunded in full when you return the card in the future, and HKD$100 in usable value. You can of course tell the staff you want to buy more. The Airport Express train itself costs HKD$70-$115 so I recommend buying at least HKD$200 to $250 (HKD$50 deposit + HKD$150 to HKD$200 in usable value)
  • Payment method for Octopus Card is cash Hog Kong dollars only. They do not accept credit card payment for the purchase of Octopus Card. So make sure you've converted enough money with you. There are tons of money exchanges in the arrival hall (however, you can use credit card to buy a single-journey Airport Express ticket here though)
  • You do not need anything else for the purchase. They won't ask you for passport or anything like that, so you can put them all away
  • Once you have the Octopus Card, you can use it immediately to take the Airport Express, which is just a short walk away from the Customer Service Center (see map above for the boarding area). You can also use the card to take the buses that go into the city from the airport
  • Returning the Octopus Card: when you're leaving Hong Kong, you can return your Octopus Card at the same Airport Express Customer Service Counter I mentioned above to get a full refund of the HKD$50 in deposit as well as any unused amounts on the card. The refund will be given in cash, which you can then convert to whatever currency you need at the airport