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Updated on Jul 11, 2018 Useful Info

How to best visit Hongcun Village - some basic info

You may have seen Hongcun in chinese ink paintings. It's an old village in Anhui province, close to Yellow mountain, so many people visit those two places together.

Arrival: You can take a bus from either of those stations:

  • Yi Counti bus station
  • Huangshan City bus station (Tunxi)
  • Tankou Bus station (where the yellow mountain scenic area is)

Entrance tickets:

  • Adult: 104rmb
  • there are 50% discounts or even free for children, students, seniors. make sure you ask for qualification
  • you need a valid ID to buy the tickets. You can book adult tickets online
  • tickets are actually valid for 3 days, you can go multiple times

Visiting Tips:

  • You should try to see the village at night too, the lanterns will light up, sometimes there are night markets too
  • If you love photography, painting, you would love to take in the scenes here
  • A lot of locals still live here, it's very authentic despite the large number of tourists coming each year

Fun fact:

this is where the film "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" was shot ;)